Whisker Biscuit – Whisker Biscuit

Written by Kelly Durrenberger on March 11, 2016 for Bloodrock Media

Canadian hardcore, punk grind band, Whisker Biscuit is scheduled to release their twelve track, self-titled, debut album, Whisker Biscuit, on April 15, 2016 courtesy of Transcending Records. Fans that are searching for a band to rock their dirty, grungy, nasty socks off need not look any further than Whisker Biscuit. The quartet’s debut self-titled album, Whisker Biscuit, is twelve tracks of a rock-a-holic’s party playlist featuring titles such as ‘Pizza Slut’ and ‘Drink Til Death’. The album was recorded live on the floor and in a single session in order to give the album the same energy the band offers during their shows. The band as a whole is one of those that will make fans want to immediately find a college party to crash and fuck shit up. Kyra’s raspy, punky vocals certainly bring that youthful inner angst front and center, right where it belongs.
The tracks on Whisker Biscuit come together in a disgustingly beautiful way; sort of like the brief marriage of Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts. It could almost be compared to unicorn poop; there’s something orgasmically grotesque about it but it’s so majestic and rare that you can’t help but marvel and adore it. 
From beginning to end, fans will be enamored by this powerful woman and the rest of the band, in the same way the band is captivated by the amber colored eyes of beer and greasy pizza. And, let’s be honest, if pizza were a person named Pat, ‘Pizza Slut’ would basically be a cheesy love song dedicated to Pat. 
When the album ends, fans will want to break stuff or least aggressively push play again to restart the party. All in all, Whisker Biscuit is a wonderful combination of party style grindcore and hardcore punk, that’s the perfect mix of cheesy and delicious.