When Blood Falls Down – Ven[Ǝ]aH

Written by Kelly Durrenberger on February 29, 2016 for Bloodrock Media

Mexico’s When Blood Falls Down re-released their brutal 2012 EP titled Ven[Ǝ]aH on March 4th, this time around releasing the album with Transcending Records. The death metal foursome consists of the dynamic vocals of Kubrick, face-melting guitar riffs of Varg and eWOLF, and insane hammering on the drums of Jose. 
The title track is unquestionably worthy, kicking off with an intense scream and followed by chest pounding bass drum, so fast that it is a surprise that Jose’s feet didn’t fall off. Every verse in Ven[Ǝ]aH is filled with so much detestation and abhorrence, fans will yearn for a mosh pit to release their pent up rage.
Ven[Ǝ]aH is frankly a work of art; so metal that fans will feel as though they are summoning the dark prince from the instant the first track The Rotten begins. From the onset, fans will hear and feel the torment, rage, and hatred in Kubrick’s sinister vocals paired with crazy guitar riffs and enough double bass to raise the dead.  The album is perfectly well rounded, so much so it is impossible to choose the best track; death metal fans will certainly agree that from start to finish Ven[Ǝ]aH holds their attention for ransom. Visit Transcending Records to grab a copy of Ven[Ǝ]aH immediately; it will be the most positively malevolent day of any death metal fan’s life!