Welcome back your personal metal arsenal WEAPÖNIZER. A blackened death metal beast covered in bullets from the mile-high city Denver, Colorado with their second full length attack on the masses. As a follow up to 2012’s self-titled injection into the black metal battlefield Lawless Age just might be that pit juice you’ve been craving.

Infused with some of the hardest blast beats and some of the meanest shreds you will find. This 4 piece delivers  9 unstoppable tracks to your face, each one its own unique attempt to take you hostage, while pulling from a handful of metal genres to use as ammo. From the moment, the opening track, “Malefactor”, hits its first gut wrenched yell, you can feel the raw, black metal pour all over you,  with WEAPÖNIZER’s clear and driven intent to be fast, hard, and deadly. Even with the deceptively calm speaking start to the title track, “Lawless Age”, you are immediately blasted back into your seat with relentless double kicks and an attention demanding solo, sure to make you play the track over just to get a second dose. And my absolute favorite track on Lawless Age, “Iron Clan Exiles”, a horrifying story of loss, smeared with blood covered guitar shreds, and a monstrous base line yanking you back in over and over fueled by blast beats.

Lawless Age is a non-stop collection of assault rounds fired back and forth in the form of guitars, bass, and drums with blackened war cries tying it all together into one beautiful musical battle. With intros similar to bands like Voivod, and D.R.I., and song builds akin to Dying Fetus, and vocal theory to match, WEAPÖNIZER is absolutely a force to be reckoned with.  As fast as they are hard you simply can’t afford to NOT add this album to your Sunday drive playlist to turn the neighborhood into one giant pit.


Bloodrock Rating:  3.5 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Evan Hulbert for Bloodrock Media on June 21, 2017