Watch a New Teaser Trailer for “UNDERGROUND INC.: The Unsung Story of Alternative Rock”
Members of White Zombie, Queens Of The Stone Age, Primus, Ministry and More Expose Truths in New Tell-All Documentary About 90’s Alternative Rock
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Earlier this year, an upcoming tell-all documentary about the unspoken truths of the 90’s alternative music industry was announced, entitled UNDERGROUND INC.: The Unsung Story of Alternative Rock. The documentary is currently in production and scheduled to be released later this year. After rapidly grabbing attention with the release of the first official trailer, a second teaser trailer is being revealed via today! In addition to viewing the trailer – which features commentary from former and current members of Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age, Danzig, A Perfect Circle, Ministry, Cro-Mags, Monster Magnet and others – you can read exclusive quotes from musicians and music industry tastemakers involved in the documentary here:
UNDERGROUND INC.: The Unsung Story of Alternative Rock is destined to be the ultimate look at the alternative punk and metal scene in the 90’s, and a must see for serious music lovers. Told by the artists who pioneered a sonic subculture, this feature-length documentary tells the real story of the 90’s – exposing viewers to an amazing catalog of the era’s rarities and buried treasures, while re-living the struggles, triumphs and tragedies, as well as the debauchery. UNDERGROUND INC. will dig beneath the manufactured truth to explore what really happened, exploring a time unlike any other in the music industry!
UNDERGROUND INC.features interviews with members of seminal 90’s rock, punk and metal groups such as White Zombie, Queens Of The Stone Age, Primus, Bad Religion, Stone Sour, Clutch, Red Fang, Failure, Ministry, Quicksand, Helmet, Steve Albini, Sepultura and dozens more. Viewers are getting an in-depth, raw look at the scene from musicians who were at the forefront.
UNDERGROUND INC.‘s original music is composed by Peter Mengede (Helmet), Grammy nominated record producer Alex Newport (The Mars Volta, Bloc PartyDeath Cab For Cutie) and Mark Bradridge.
UNDERGROUND INC. Still of Neil Fallon (Clutch) Interview
UNDERGROUND INC. is directed by award-winning Writer/Director Shaun Katz (Sleeping In Blood City). Having produced many music videos and short films, his most recent short film won four international and local awards throughout Australia and North America, including Best Short Film at the Las Vegas Film Festival and Best Director at the Canada International Film Festival, among others. His work has been featured at festivals worldwide, including Cannes Film Festival.
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