Viveca Manis


My name is Viveca. I refuse to say my real name, because it is Hungarian, and no one seems to pronounce it correctly. I grew up off and on in the Chicago area, and I finally settled down in southern Illinois as an adult. I am a former-musician. In the mid-2000s, I was the keyboard player known as Viveca Venom for a gothic metal band based out of Cape Girardeau, Missouri called Emaciation. It was a fun gig. I got to open for the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Hypocrisy, as well as be on the same bill as the Misfits during Milwaukee Metalfest 2004. I have been in several other bands as a bassist, guitar player, and vocalist, but nothing was more enjoyable than being in Emaciation due to the exposure I had there.

I listen to an array of music that one might call “eclectic”. I have no real musical preference, per se; however, nothing beats punk or metal on that drive home after a long, shitty day. My music lists play the likes of Prince, Slayer, Misfits (Danzig-era, thank you very much), David Bowie, Cannibal Corpse, etc. I think you get the point of how random that is. As a musician, as well as a writer, I believe it is important to have an open mind when it comes to music. Don’t get me wrong. I still have plenty of music that I will hate more than anything on Earth, but I will at least give it a chance.

It was difficult picking three favorite bands, as I have several I would qualify as a “favorite”. At gunpoint, I would say David Bowie (the love of my life, RIP), the Misfits (Danzig MF), and Faith No More are my most favorites. My favorite genres are rock, metal (black, death, heavy, hair, thrash), punk, blues, some rap, minimal country (the older stuff), and classical music (I was raised on Beethoven and Mozart — I can’t help it).

I am a mother and caregiver by day, and a writer by night. I believe writing keeps you from going insane (or in my case, more insane than usual). I thoroughly enjoy going to shows (as long as life permits), and I enjoy writing reviews about them. I’m hoping I can get out more to do so, as it has been a while since I’ve done it.

I love horror movies (especially classic and cheesy, B-class horror), I collect horror memorabilia, and I have five cats (each being a little more of an asshole than most, but I love them). I thoroughly enjoy reading (anything having to do with behavioral science and horror rock my world). I study serial killers whenever I get free time (what’s that?). My sense of humor has been called “dark”, sarcastic, and witty. I pretty much laugh at almost anything.

So that’s it about me. I’m an awkward weirdo that happens to love music and writing. I believe I fit into lyrics more than I fit into life. I also think I should have my own soundtrack, because strutting to a metal riff sounds bad ass to me.