Atmospheric black metal band Vindkast recently re-released their old limited release album Archaic Collapse, courtesy of Avantgarde Music.  Having only printed 100 cassettes (no need to break out your Walkman this time) in the previous release, long times fans should be excited.

Vindkast is one of those bands that if you haven’t heard of them before, you will be extremely mad at yourself.  They really grab you and pulled you in with the ambiance and intensity of their sound, but even after listening to it again, they have a certain complexity with their sound. Vindkast really brings a lot to the table as far as their writing, every member of the band brings it on Archaic Collapse.

The backing synth and spacey sound really adds to the whole unsettling feel of the music, paired with larger than life guitar parts, making for one huge sounding, almost orchestral sound. One of the best examples of this, as well as my favorite songs on Archaic Collapse, “Under This Dying Sun”.  This track really took the cake with its movie soundtrack level sounds, and its heavy black metal influences, it is phenomenal. It is the strongest track of an extraordinarily strong album a way that just made them pop more, and really just made the album.  The instrumental of this album was insanely good, especially the synth tracks and background sounds throughout. This album is a must listen to. Dont forget to check out this album now!

FFO:  Agalloch, Ashbringer


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