The brainchild of crazed Serbian thrasher Gvozden Racic aka Ferrerus the Adversor is Vehementer’s utterly gruesome EP Replenishment Circle (The Black Spectrumfest). A four track love letter of all things thrash and evil, Replenishment Circle is not for the faint of heart….at all. Originally it was conceived as a private EP for close friends of the band back in 2014, well it’s taken a life of it’s own and is now available to maniac metalheads world wide.

Vehementer really dishes it out here, all four tracks are hard hitting and absolutely ruthless. Fans of black/thrash/death metal all the way to mathcore/noise punk will find this EP appealing, the wild drum opener of “The Black Spectrumfest” alone will get your blood pumping once you hit play. The vocals are frantic yet fierce but the standout features here are The Adversor’s blazing riffs and vicious solos paired with some truly insane drumming. Vehementer takes raw chaos and forges it into a shred metal bullet aimed directly for your temple. The album’s final track “Crush the Oathbreaker” manages to capture everything that makes all of it great in under two minutes while not feeling as though it missing something or rushed. “Crush the Oathbreaker” fires up some rowdy guitar and clanging drums that swiftly transform into a speed blitz upon your senses, frankly it’s just flat out delicious madness.

Replenishment Circle (The Black Spectrumfest) is perfect for speed metal freaks and anyone who appreciates expertly crafted, heavy as hell drumming.   If there is a complaint to lob out, it would be the brevity of the EP, the intensity and speed at which all four tracks assail you seems much too short.   Which really isn’t a complaint so much as the album refuses to give you a second to catch your breath and it’s over you’re left wondering hey what the hell where’d the insanity go?   Be sure to grab this bad boy, it is available now!

1. The Black Spectumfest
2. Age Of D.E.M.O.N.O.M.A.N.T.
3. Greatest of Circles (Ritual Fire)
4. Crush The Oathbreaker

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Bloodrock Media Rating:  3.5 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on June 13, 2017