Black metal from the ground up is Texas grown Tyrannosorceress with their concise new entry to the world of ritualistic black metal. Shattering Lights Creation is a bold, stream lined, beast of an album filled with some insane bass work, great guitar play, and a drummer that might well have extra legs. Though Shattering Lights Creation is only 6 tracks long (or short), be ready to bang your head off.

From the opening, Shattering Lights Creation will draw you in with the amazing vocal power of Zac Christian and his eerie, courtyard rending vocals. “Haunting Black Infinity” welcomes you to the album with a burst of riff work that will leave you speechless and addicted. Followed through every explosive, haunting, ritual driven track, “The Call To Chaos” was my peak in the album; the heavy mud drenched sound of the guitars of Daniel Hearne and William Baxter; the bassist John Schiller lays down a phenomenal set of bass riffs, with absolute master on the drums Zach Jobin, to pull it together under Zac Christian’s eerie, graveyard screams. One of the shorter tracks on the album, the title track “Shattering Light’s Creation” is a non-stop attack on your senses. When you think that the tempo has reached climax, you make it to the middle of the album and get blown completely away by the speed and precision of this 5 man band. The album concludes with “Senescent and Supreme,” a nice twist from the rest of the album. At a massive 11 minutes long, this is literally the serenade you have been waiting for. The band showcases what they are, and then lets you know they are here for some serious black metal business.

Get what you need now and be prepared to sit down for the next 45 minutes and dive deep into a black magic ritual that will leave you breathless and wanting more. Tyrannosorceress is on a path aimed straight for black metal fans and is holding nothing back. With 6 tracks of pure mastery over their art, Shattering Light’s Creation is everything you want to add to your library of music.

Zac Christian – Vocal
Daniel Hearne – Guitar
William Baxter – Guitar
John Schiller – Bass
Zach Jobin – Drums

1. Haunting Black Infinity
2. In the Light of the Sabbat Moon
3. The Call To Chaos
4. Shattering Light’s Creation
5. The Angels Nine
6. Senescent and Supreme

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This is a 5 out of 5 album for sure – it’s one you don’t want to miss!

Written by Evan Hulbert for Bloodrock Media on August 7, 2017