Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on September 20, 2016 
British math rockers, TTNG (formerly known as This Town
Needs Guns), released their third full length album titled Disappointment Island in July 2016. 
Math rock?  Yes, math rock is
rhythmically complex, guitar-based rock music influenced by post-hardcore,
progressive rock bands, characterized by irregular stopping and starting, odd
time signatures, angular melodies, and extended chords. 
Disappointment Island
is a bit mellower and melody heavy than TTNG’s prior release (2013) but from the notable
opener “Coconut Crab” to the extremely satisfying, smooth jam that is “Empty
Palms”, Disappointment Island is
filled with easy to listen to guitar, bass, and drums, unmistakable energy, and
extraordinary lyrics.  The island themed
track names are almost as entertaining as the songs themselves….ALMOST.  The overall desolate island theme is quite
ironic because there isn’t a millimeter of unoccupied space on Disappointment Island, every nook and
cranny is filled with solid, well-crafted musicianship. 

On their first listen fans will enjoy Disappointment Island, but listens two and three will be even more
enlightening and magnify fans appreciation to the intricacy that TTNG has put forth
with this album.