Trivium released their eighth studio album, The Sin and the Sentence, a week ago today (October 20th for those who can’t math) and h.o.l.y. h.e.l.l. is it good.

Trivium likes to change it up, their 2015 release, Silence in the Snow, was so different from anything they had ever done before; it was uber progressive, almost operatic, and flawless (like everything they do).  So no one knew what to expect from The Sin and the Sentence, sure they released the title track and it was heavy as fuck, it still left us wondering was Ascendancy (2005) Trivium making an appearance?  Or would it be more melodic metal like Silence in the Snow?

And finally the answer to our question, well actually that is not true, the release of The Sin and the Sentence actually begged another question:  What did we do to deserve such deliciousness?  Because slap my ass and call me Sheila, The Sin and the Sentence is fucking better than Ascendancy……yes, you heard that….IT IS BETTER!  How is that possible?  Apparently it is.

First, let me mention when the title track “The Sin and the Sentence” released, I was immediately flabbergasted by the drummer.  I had to find out who this guy was because he is a goddamn beast on the kit. The dude’s name is Alex Bent, he is not only the current drummer of Trivium but also for Brain Drill, Arkaik, and Dragonlord and the former drummer for Michigan’s Battlecross.  He is so ridiculous that I had to watch a live video to make sure he was actually playing the drums the entire time, I thought for sure it had to be tracked, it was too fast, too furious, and too impossible….but no, this guy is doing this shit live!  UNBELIEVABLE.  I hope he sticks around for a while, Trivium changes drummers like some people change underwear (okay, not that frequently but it is still a lot), because Bent is a master-beater (see what I did there?).

The second track, “Beyond Oblivion” delivers that punishing metal Trivium is known for but still contains enough melodic vocals and memorable choruses to not scare off the ‘softer’ metalheads out there.  “Betrayer” is a similar combination of melodic and brutality, while layering in some super speedy guitar work by Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu.  And maybe I’m a weirdo but the way Heafy annunciates the word betrayer is pretty awesome, he stresses the -er, it is quirky and I dig it.  I know it is weird to notice something like that but I did, fight me.

“The Heart From Your Hate” is the second single released off The Sin and the Sentence, featuring all melodic vocals and that ‘radio friendly’ secret sauce.  The chorus is pretty damn amazing and personally I cannot stop singing it.  If I could sing, I would totally rock it at karaoke, but alas I cannot so my brilliant cover will only be performed in the sanctity of our home (you’re welcome).  “Endless Night” is good but, honestly, it had to grow on me, it is another ‘radio friendly’ tracks.  Heafy’s vocals are really good, his growth as a vocalist is astonishing.  To the point this almost doesn’t even sound like him.   The track has almost an old school, maybe alternative metal feel to it?  I can’t explain why it didn’t immediately blow me away, maybe it isn’t heavy enough for me.  *shrugs* I really like it….I just didn’t fall in love with it immediately.  And that isn’t a bad thing, some things need to embed themselves into your psyche and slowly take you over.  Maybe that is what “Endless Night” is for me.  I won’t fight it, win me over, I want to absolutely LOVE everything about this album.

The sixth track, “The Wretchedness Inside” is THE shit… is my absolute favorite track on the album.  It has a head bobbing, down-tuned chugginess to it that rocks my world.  The guitar riffs are epic and heavy….good grief are they heavy.  I should add that Paolo Gregoletto’s bass work is pretty wicked on this one as well.  He is always impressive but the bass really stands out on this particular track.  Oh, shit I almost forgot to mention the really cool spoken vocal parts, they are a cool touch to an already fantastic track.  Overall it is just an amazing song; the transitions from melodic to fuck-ton heavy are seamless and just *muah*.

“Sever the Hands” delivers some of the heaviest guitar riffs and scorching screams that Trivium has ever delivered; all while maintaining that contagious catchiness found throughout The Sin and the Sentence.  Sure I bounced around a bit, but we are finally at the end of the gloriousness that is The Sin and the Sentence, and last but not least is the ode to Shogun (2008), aka the the final two tracks; “The Revanchist” and “Thrown Into the Fire” are long, elaborate, and delightfully hefty.  Those that prefer Trivium’s sound during the Shogun era will definitely have an appreciation for these tracks in particular.

The Sin and the Sentence is essentially an ‘absolute best of Trivium‘ album but with eleven brand new tracks.  That’s right, a greatest hits album but it only contains brand new tunes…..never heard of such a thing?  Deal with it because Trivium just invented it.  Seriously, if you want to hear what it sounds like when a band takes 18 years of failures and accomplishments, learns from them, and kicks every musically brilliant moment they’ve had up 100 notches, then you MUST buy The Sin and the Sentence.   Heafy, Beaulieu, Gregoletto, and Bent (please stick around) brought their fucking A-game with The Sin and the Sentence.  IT IS ABSOLUTELY, NO DOUBT THE BEST THING TRIVIUM HAS EVER PUT OUT!  Buy it TODAY!

01. The Sin and The Sentence
02. Beyond Oblivion
03. Other Worlds
04. The Heart From Your Hate
05. Betrayer
06. The Wretchedness Inside
07. Endless Night
08. Sever The Hand
09. Beauty in The Sorrow
10. The Revanchist
11. Thrown Into The Fire

You can check out the videos released thus far from The Sin and the Sentence at the below links:
The Sin and The Sentence
The Heart From Your Hate
Thrown Into the Fire


Bloodrock Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0 axes


Written by April Baggins for Bloodrock Media on October 27, 2017