Australian deathcore gods Thy Art is Murder released their first single, “Slaves Beyond Death”, yesterday from their upcoming album Dear Desolation, set to be unleashed on August 18th.

 abruptly begins with a very Decapitated-esque rhythm and tone, unexpected but not necessarily uncommon for the genre. It is safe to say guitarists Andy Marsh and Sean Delander have found their groove; their guitar work is unmatched. Vocalist CJ McMahon’s voice has always had something special about it; one of the many attributes that makes Thy Art is Murder one of the best deathcore groups. With this single, it is obvious the band has delved deeper into their sound, experimented a little, and successfully grasped something entirely new, while maintaining the original paced heaviness they have always offered. The track has minimal breakdowns and lacks many of the generic deathcore indicators, but there is still enough ‘deathcore meat’ to satisfy those dedicated to the quid pro quo of the genre.  It is also heavy enough to compare to TAIM’s earlier releases such as HATE, no worries for those diehard TAIM fans out there.

Overall, “Slaves Beyond Death” is the perfect single to create hype in their fanbase before the release of Dear Desolation.  Thy Art is Murder has successfully released yet another banger with this track and is guaranteed to hook even the pickiest of deathcore fans.

Listen to Slaves Beyond Death here!

CJ McMahon / Vocals
Andy Marsh / Guitar
Sean Delander / Guitar
Kevin Butler / Bass


Written by Jay McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on June 16, 2017