Through Fire on 12/3/2017


It’s a Sunday Night in Clarksville, TN but that didn’t stop the hundreds of fans who came to see the bands they love. Doors opened a little earlier than normal because it’s a Sunday and we had 4 great bands to hear from!

Dangerkids on 12/3/2017

I arrived a little late so I didn’t get to see the first two bands Righteous Vendetta and American Sin, but based on the rest of the show I have to assume they kicked ass!  I was able to catch Dangerkids in all their glory. I had just learned of these guys a few nights before and their sound was on point! They reminded me of Linkin Park and Issues, little bit of screaming, rapping and singing along with the drums, bass, and bad ass guitar! These guys have been traveling around quite a bit and they put on one hell of a show. They played a few of their newest songs, “The Blacklist,” “Inside out,” and “Kill Everything.” I hope to hear more of these guys down the road. They really have something good going on.

Through Fire, the headliners for night, took the stage on their first headlining tour right and heavy! Through Fire has a big fan base in the area, so everyone sang along to “Breathe,” “Stronger,” and their newest hit, “Where you Lie.” Frontman Grant Kendrick killed the vocals with his scratchy but strong smoky, sexy voice. Plus it doesn’t hurt to watch his long red/blonde hair being blown all over the place, he is not hard to look at (if you catch my drift). Definitely makes for some amazing pictures!

After the show, all the bands came out to their merch tables to meet and greet fans, take pictures, and sign posters. One thing I love about shows like this one are that the fans can meet who they just saw. I mean we are all people who all share one big love and passion for music, whether we are writing it, playing it, or simply just singing along. We love Rock. Live Love Rock.

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Written by Jennifer Pinckney for Bloodrock Media on December 8, 2017