Detroit based hardcore band Thoughts of Ionesco is about to drop their first recorded material in almost 20 years titled Skar Cymbals. Having previously split up in 1999, these guys are known for not caring about anyone or anything. Dark, nihilistic lyrics coupled with their history of insanely brutal live shows make for a band that is more reminiscent of real punk than anything else. Released on June 23rd, courtesy of Corpse Flower Records, this album is sure to incite violence.

From the first track, this album elicited adoration – it is brutal and dark to its core. All three of the first tracks are brutal and hate-filled, but my love for Skar Cymbals stems from the final track, “Scar Symbols.” Being a contrast to the rest of the tracks, this song is traditional post-hardcore to a T. The monotone singing, softer instrumental, and more melodic tone are attention grabbing. Thoughts of Ionesco may be known for making brutal music, but they are insanely talented in other areas as well. The final track is a full 12 minutes long of pure, unadulterated enjoyment for the listener.

Skar Cymbals is an album that is unique, and will bring you back to the glory days of traditional punk. In fact, I would compare them to a heavier version of Black Flag – and if you’re a punk, you’ll know that that is a high-praise comparison. Grab this album with the quickness, it is one you won’t want to miss out on.

FFO: The Drip, Jawbox, Snapcase, Insane, Botch

The Alt Light
Culture Of The Eternal Snake
Scar Symbols

Sean Hoenn – Vocals, Guitar
Nathan Miller – Bass
Brian Repa – Drummer

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Bloodrock Rating: 4.0 of 5.0 axes

Written by Ethan Grason for Bloodrock Media on June 20, 2017