PHOTO CREDIT: The World Over Facebook Page

Tiaday Ball has released a public apology via Facebook for events that transpired during a The World Over show on December 15 in Medford, OR. It starts off straightforward enough, but then it gets kind of fucked up. The post starts off:

Tiaday, and The World Over would like to formally apologize for the altercation that took place on Friday night (Dec 15) in Medford, OR. The show started like all of our shows with a little bit of crowd work and the playful banter of trying to fire up the crowd. Music is a very personal experience for us and we like to share that with our fans.

At this show in particular I noticed a fan on her phone at the back of the crowd and I tried to engage her by approaching and playfully taking her phone from her in hopes of encouraging crowd interaction by making her come to the front, a little gimmick that we have been pulling for awhile now. Although this is something I do in good faith and has been well received up until this point, I see how it can be taken the wrong way. A phone is someone’s personal property and they can be on it for any number of reasons, including emergencies, contacting loved ones, etc. I sincerely apologize for taking it without permission and hope I didn’t interrupt anything important. It cannot be stressed enough that fans have a choice at any show to be as involved as they wanna be. We really don’t mind if people are on their phones, I was just trying to do my part as a performer but this gimmick was an incident waiting to happen and should’ve been stopped a long time ago.”

Here’s the first thing. I don’t care who you are or who you’re related to. You don’t just reach out and grab someone’s phone. It didn’t work out very well for Corey Taylor, so what makes you think it’ll work for you? Where she says “I see how it can be taken the wrong way,” I’m wondering at what point she figured that out. Just because this is the first time an incident like this has happened doesn’t mean that nobody’s been pissed about it before now, it just means that nobody’s been confrontational enough to actually do anything about it . I find it a little difficult to believe that she just thought it was okay up until this point. She continues:

“After taking her phone she followed me up to the stage and as I turned around to face her, I could see that she was very upset and angry. So I held my arms out trying to hug her and say ‘I’m just playing around, here’s your phone’. This young woman reacted aggressively and pushed me away, yelling curse words and demanding her phone back. She grabbed her phone and tried to storm off. Angered at this point, I retaliated by kicking her in the back which pushed her back into the crowd. This was the moment that the altercation got out of hand and we both started throwing punches and the staff had to intervene. The whole thing was over in 10 seconds and she was taken out of the venue by one of the staff members.”
If you just walked up and grabbed my phone out of my hand I’d be pretty pissed too, and would definitely not be in the mood for a hug. Granted, the young woman shouldn’t have shoved her, but I think that’s besides the point. Tiaday KICKED HER IN THE BACK like she was Jackie Chan or some shit instead of saying, “Hey, I’m sorry. I was joking around and it didn’t land, let’s move on with our lives.”

“I cannot apologize enough to this young woman for letting the situation escalate to the point of her having to be thrown out. I sincerely hope this incident won’t dissuade her from attending more live shows to support other bands. We are making every effort to reach out to her and I will be more than happy to apologize to her personally for taking her phone, and getting her thrown out. Hindsight is 20/20 and things happen in the moment that make us fail to see the bigger picture, that concert goers are there to just there [sic] to have a good time and listen to great music from great bands.”

Now I can’t say for certain but I highly doubt she’ll be going to any more The World Over shows. If a band member kicked me in the back (or anywhere else for that matter) I wouldn’t want to go see them live again. On top of it, she gets thrown out of the show AFTER getting kicked in the back. That’s adding insult to injury. Anyway, this goes on:

“I will address the bullying accusations here as well. Myself and the rest of the band do not condone bullying of any sort. This is not a case of attacking or bullying as it has been portrayed but instead a fight that got out of hand between two people. To those who have continued to message the band or myself personally, I am deeply saddened by the messages and threats being made against my life and the bands safety. We aim for everyone to have a good time at our shows and for them to be a safe place where people can feel inspired, or just throw down with us.”

I mean this is just one outsider’s perspective (and granted, I wasn’t even there), she says she doesn’t condone bullying of any sort, but isn’t that exactly what she was doing here? It sounds to me that this young woman was in fact attacked, after Tiaday‘s little “gimmick” failed to land. It may have been a fight that got out of hand between two people, but one person had to let it get out of hand. Even still, threats aren’t cool either and even though I do believe she handled this situation wildly inappropriately and is very much in the wrong here, nobody deserves to have their lives or the lives of their friends/family/co-workers threatened. That’s bullshit, knock it off. Anyway she finalizes the post by saying:

“The promoter and the venue of the show in Medford handled the situation very professionally and made sure it did not escalate any further. Again, I sincerely apologize to that young women [sic] and anyone at the show that was offended or upset by the incident and the gimmick leading up to it. We both got caught up in the moment and it got heated fast, I’m just glad nobody got hurt. This is the first time anything like this has happened at one of our shows and it will certainly be the last.

Nobody got hurt, except for the woman who got kicked in the back (which seriously could have paralyzed her, thankfully it did not) and got thrown out of the show she paid to attend. I’ve heard wonderful things about Tiaday Ball from some of my friends and given the number of musicians I’ve met over the course of my career, I’m inclined to believe them (even though I’ve never met her myself). That doesn’t excuse this behavior, however. Whether this was an isolated incident or not doesn’t alter the fact that her actions were harmful to another human being and no amount of indirect Facebook apologies can take that back.  I hope this serves as a lesson to Tiaday and others that what may seem acceptable to you, is not to someone else and you never know what kind of day someone is having.  The girl at this show may have overreacted to her phone being taken but you don’t know why she was on her phone or what transpired before she arrived. That isn’t an excuse for this girl’s behavior but it is important to remember that Tiaday says this is an isolated incident for her, it may also be an isolated incident for this young woman..unfortunately she doesn’t have the same platform as Tiaday.

While a flying crane kick off the stage, into the back of one of your fans, seems like a really cool idea, it isn’t so don’t do it again Karate Kid.  Keep your karate where it belongs; in the dojo, Bruce Lee movies, and grocery store parking lots.


Written by Mitch Ellerbrock for Bloodrock Media on December 19, 2017