Virginmarys – Divides

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Slick, snarky, solid punk rock, all words that describe Divides, the newest release from Brit Rockers, The Virginmarys. Every track is chocked full of high energy, grit, and attitude, the kind that makes you confused  on whether you want to dance, mosh,  or fight or all three.

Some say punk is dead but one listen to Divides and those rumors
will be put to rest.  Divides is fist
pumping, boot stomping, and vivacious hype inducing. The lyrics are blunt and unrepentant,
backed by the trio’s fired up riffs and beats. 
No lie, this album is nothing short of amazing. Even when they take the
tempo down a notch with a slower song like “Moths to a Flame” the passion and
aggression prevalent through the album is still felt without missing a beat.
The fact that the tracks feel so big and rowdy; especially coming
out of a “traditional” punk three-piece is kick-ass as well. To accomplish such
a rambunctious sound with only the “bare bones”; guitar, bass, drums, some
distortion, and a lot of attitude, which is quite honestly exactly what punk is
all about.
If you’re already a fan, then you can rest easy, The Virginmarys
are just getting better and better, if you are totally unaware of who these
guys arem stop reading, get on itunes or soundcloud and educate yourself like

Check them out:
Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on January 28, 2017