The UNIT’s debut release, I Won’t Die, is set to be released by Pavement Entertainment on April 28th, 2017. This rock duo from Long Beach, CA is sure to make a splash on the scene with their tribute to grunge, punk, and metal encompassed on one album.


Sofi Savage and Hutch Hostile unite to create heavy riffs, dirty beats and beautiful vocals from the first song, “The Black”. Sofi’s vocals over Hutch’s bursting drums and melodic guitar bring a feminine touch to the diverse feel to their songs. “I Won’t Die”, the track sharing the name of the album, is going to make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs while you’re rocking out in your car – the message clear, I won’t die. “And I Walk” is another track that lures you in immediately with a sexy, slow beat, while still remaining completely metal – the beat picks up, just to tease you with how this talented pair can command their instruments – back to the sexy, slow beat the song began with. “Away From Me” will remind you again how genres can mix to create something alluring – and how these Long Beach babes have mastered the ability to cross genres from song to song, promising to keep you entertained.


There is not enough of this album for our liking – eight songs is just not enough to get our fill of The UNIT. Not all artists can masterfully weave genres into one song, let alone one album, with the finesse that this duo manages to make seem so effortless. For an album that is going to keep you wondering what you’ll hear next – will it be grunge? Perhaps a tribute to punk? – and the story that will unfold in the next song, we strongly recommend I Won’t Die – you will not regret this purchase.


  1. The Black
  2. All That’s Left
  3. I Won’t Die
  4. And I Walk
  5. Away From Me
  6. Stake In Your Mind
  7. Hide
  8. By Yourself


Sofi Savage – Guitar/Vocals
Hutch Hostile – Drums


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Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on April 6, 2017
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