Boston Tech metal band The Summoned is set to release their second album Sessions on June 16, 2017.  As a concept album, the record tells the story of a psychiatric patient and his journey through his counseling sessions. From the get go, this album is nothing short of a masterpiece, from the instruments to the concept.

Sessions as a whole is very well written, especially the riffage. Obvious jazz influence along with some metalcore style choruses pair insanely well with the shredding expected of a technical metal band. Although I loved all of Sessions, the track that spoke most to me was “Built of Glass”, sounding almost as if Animals As Leaders got a vocalist. The guitar rhythm is insane and very percussive, making this band sound insanely progressive with their writing and instrument tones.

Altogether Sessions was very enjoyable, even for someone like myself who isn’t really a fan of thrash metal riffs, and this album is also full of. This album drops June 16th, So give it a listen!

FFO: Between the Buried and Me, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Faceless

1. The Pendulum Swing
2. Faradic
3. Fractal Patterns
4. The Grave Mistake
5. Built of Glass
6. Vertiginous
7. Primogenial Birth
8. Recollection
9. Satori

Steve Thompson (vocals)
Tony Paterno (guitar)
Shaun Murphy (guitar)
Joe Zahareais (bass)
Sam Hang (drums)

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Written by Ethan Grason for Bloodrock Media on May 11, 2017
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