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Italian death metal/deathcore group The Modern Age Slavery will be releasing their 4th studio album, Stygian, (Innerstrength Records) on November 24th.

Stygian consists of 8 original tracks, and a cover of Sandblasted Skin by Pantera. Each of the 8 tracks seem to differ in influence between death metal, deathcore, and djent (Or progressive metal, whatever). Despite genre talk, Stygian is filled to the brim with raw talent and tasteful riffage. Guitarists Luca Cocconi and Ludovico Cioffi conjure an infinite head-bobbing experience. I’ve been stuck like this for hours, please help me.

In tracks such as “The Place We Call Home”, the grooviness never ends, my dudes. This specific track is my personal favorite, primarily because of the high gain tone and blast beats. Jumping between djenty/chuggy and death metal riffs is a difficult thing to pull off (and actually sound good) but TMAS has mastered their art, flawlessly pulling it all together in a way that will make you shed a single tear of happiness.

Another special track would be “The Theory of Shadows”; with slow clean toned chords, metalcore influenced breakdowns, and solos that will give you goosebumps, this beautiful track is addicting to listen to. Warning: incoming opinion. Look away now, elitists:  This track truly defines Stygian because of its many tempo changes and influences on not only the instruments, but vocals as well. Vocalist Giovanni Berserk holds a wide range, varying from black metal-esque high screams to death metal lows. This song in itself seems to encompass the whole album in encompassing the sound TMAS has totally mastered (once again).

To put it lightly Stygian is godlike; it grooves, it chugs, it screams, and it growls.  It is a masterpiece that should be heard by every lover of any subgenre of metal.  It is a 10 out of 10, no exaggeration.  Mark your calendars for November 24th or preorder Stygian now here.

Listen to the single “The Theory of Shadows” here.


  1. Prelude To An Evolution
  2. The Reprisal Within
  3. Miles Apart
  4. The Theory of Shadows
  5. The Place We Call Home
  6. A Stygian Title
  7. The Hollow Men
  8. Regression Through Unlearning
  9. Sandblasted Skin (Pantera Cover)

Mirco Bennati / Bass
Luca Cocconi / Guitar
Ludovico Cloffi / Guitar
Givoanni “Gio” Berserk / Vocals
Federico Leone / Drums


Bloodrock Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Jay McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on October 29, 2017