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The Grammy’s:  Someone Done Eff’ed Up

After many years and many nominations, Megadeth finally snagged a Grammy for their 2016 release Dystopia, winning Best Metal Performance.  While the headbanging masses jumped from their couches with excitement, their joy instantly turned to awkward silence, then to straight up pissed off.  As Megadeth stood and made their way to the stage to accept their award, Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” began playing…….that is definitely an ‘oh shit’ moment if there ever was one.  Much to the Metal Master, Dave Mustaine’s credit, he took it with a grain a salt and played it smooth.  Even having a Bill and Ted air guitar moment.  It is a good thing the beef between Mustaine and Metallica has been buried or this mistake could have been VERY VERY ugly. 
Even with this major hiccup, it was great to see Megadeth walk away with their first Grammy.  The win is a long over due and well deserved acknowledgement of their hard work and enormous contribution to metal. 
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Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media