Deathcore legends The Acacia Strain released their newest album Gravebloom on June 30th. One attribute of TAS that’s exceptional is the fact they haven’t changed their sound dramatically since, well, 2004. Because of this, they’ve managed to form a cult following. With the release of Gravebloom, the cult following of TAS is only going to grow exponentially.

Gravebloom as a whole is a flawless release, the general taste TAS tends to give is one of a kind. While still being a deathcore group,  guitar chugs are not overused, and if they are used, it’s tasteful and innovative. In tracks such as “Big Sleep” and “Model Citizen”, the ‘djenty’ tone and playing style is executed in such a way that it differs from progressive/djent guitarists simply because Daniel Laskiewicz wrote it. The distant, minor tone in tracks such as “Abyssal Depths” leave the listener with a feeling of burden and resentment, with the utilization of the guitar track. The clean-toned, depressive sound it gives off will induce a comatose state; also something rare to find in deathcore. The classic TAS instrumentals have evolved in a way that is heavier, but still maintains the old school taste since Wormwood, (2010) and some previous releases.

 The Acacia Strain have always been creative with their sound, but with the release of Gravebloom, it seems as if they’ve reached the pinnacle of their signature sound. Their timing and creative techniques have truly reached the best of the best; Gravebloom truly embodies everything TAA stands for.

Plague Doctor
Bitter Pill
Big Sleep
Abyssal Depths
Model Citizen
Calloused Mouth
Dark Harvest
Walled City
Cold Gloom

Vincent Bennett / Vocals
Daniel Laskiewicz / Guitar
Jack Strong / Bass
Kevin Boutot / Drums


Bloodrock Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Jay McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on July 18, 2017