So the first thing you need to know is this: Tau Cross is WEIRD. The band name suggests prog, the album title (Pillar of Fire) and cover suggests old school death metal, and the music is… well I plugged it in and was impaled with tones of Venom and Motorhead.

So yeah. Ponder that. ‘Cuz it took me a few minutes to really wrap my head around it, myself.

They list themselves as punk metal, which, to be fair, is pretty vague, but it works. There’s a lot of ride cymbal use and old punk drum beats, but you have these driving guitars using not- at- all punk riffs, and this guy who sounds more than a little like the almighty Lemmy.

You’ve got songs like “Killing The King”, which are very driving and draws from old school rock and punk, but then you have the album’s title track, which sounds NOTHING like the rest of the album. I can dig that. Without dynamic there can be no improvement.  The problem is that you really have to be of a certain mindset to get this stuff, and for that reason, I think their market is a bit smaller than it could be. Rob Miller’s vocals are pretty good when he’s channeling Lemmy or Cronos, but I don’t think his voice was really set up, or at least he really hasn’t had much training for singing clean. It’s REALLY difficult to get into. The music is there, but the vocal stylings feel forced, or at the very least unoriginal. There’s a part in “A White Horse” where the song slows down and the vocals should reflect that, but they stay harsh. It’s jarring and a bit off putting.

If you’re a fan of Venom and Motorhead, you WILL like these guys, just not as much you like Venom or Motorhead. I think those guys have the market cornered on the I- smoke- nine- packs-a-day-and-drink-a-fifth-of-cheap-whiskey style of singing, but that’s just me.

Pillar Of Fire drops July 17th, 2017.

FFO: Venom, Motorhead, Metallica, Black Flag

Andy Lefton – Guitar
Jon Misery – Guitar
Tom Radio – Bass
James Adams – keyboards
Michel “Away” Langevin – Drums
Rob “The Baron” Miller – Bass and vocals

Track List
1. Raising Golem
2. Bread And Circuses
3. On The Water
4. Deep State
5. Pillar Of Fire
6. Killing The King
7. A White Horse
8. The Big House
10. Seven Wheels
11. What Is A Man

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Bloodrock Rating:  2.5 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on July 6, 2017


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