Suicide Silence released their newest self-titled album, Suicide Silence, at the end of February courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records. After forming in 2002, Suicide Silence was initially fronted by the late Mitch Lucker, with Mitch’s’ passing, former All Shall Perish frontman, Eddie Hermida stepped in to fill the mighty big shoes of Lucker. Suicide Silence is best known for being one of the few early deathcore bands to stay true to their sound. This release is an entirely new direction for the group, for the first time straying from their deathcore roots.

There is no gentle way to put this, Suicide Silence is a tremendously disappointing release from the group. The first track Doris”, the only single released, greets listeners with a poorly recorded live performance. The cleans are out of tune and abrasive, even for the Deftones-esque sound the band appears to be after. This track definitely earned the negative reception, as it is poorly done all around. Throughout Suicide Silence there is a constant, overly peaked bass and guitars, sounding like the mix was turned up too loud, and poorly balanced. There are points there are almost no audible vocals and other times, little to no strings. The individual components of the song are definitely well performed, but they sound nonlinear to the album as a whole.
“Conformity”, seemingly a better display of the new sound the band was going for, is the only track on Suicide Silence deserving of attention. “Conformity” is very catchy, with Hermida actually showing off his vocal talent. The lyrics are very intimate and well written, creating an emotional connection to the track.
When it is said and done, the intent for sound change is understood on Suicide Silence, it was not well executed. This album was not absolutely terrible, but could we really expect something as good as The Cleansing?
Suicide Silence dropped on February 24th, so check it out for yourself!
For fans of: Deftones, Taproot, Mudvayne
Tracklist :
  1. Doris
  2. Silence
  3. Listen
  4. Dying in a Red Room
  5. Hold me up, Hold me down
  6. Run
  7. The Zero
  8. Conformity
  9. Don’t Be Careful You Might Hurt Yourself
Vocals – Hernan “Eddie” Hermida
Rhythm Guitar – Chris Garza
Lead Guitar – Mark Heylmun
Drums – Alex Lopez
Bass – Dan Kenny

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Written by Ethan Grason for Bloodrock Media on April 5, 2017
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