IN A STEAMING BEDROOM, PA – It’s 90 degrees post sunset in my bedroom right now, and that doesn’t even compare to the level of heat I’m feeling inside right now. Another amazing talent has left this earth entirely to soon, by his own hands, and I’m shocked, upset, and angry to say the least, but it’s not for why you may think.

See, unlike the compassionless out there, I can differentiate between my anger about someone’s suicide, and expressing that in a constructive way, and someone lashing out because it will grab them headlines. I’m speaking of one Brian “HEAD” Welch, who fully deserves that nickname right now with the prefix DICK or SHIT, because his latest statement makes him both.

In a single Facebook post, Brian “HEAD” Welch took whatever status he had as a positive role model for those with addiction issues and depression, and turned it completely around to the worst type of person you’d want to talk to in this situation.

“(Insert your prefix here)HEAD” Welch said in a Facebook post shortly after Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s death was confirmed “Honestly, Chester’s an old friend, who we’ve hung with many times, and I have friends who are extremely close to him, but this is truly pissing me off! How can these guys send this message to their kids and fans?! I’m sick of this suicide shit! I’ve battled depression/mental illness, and I’m trying to be sympathetic, but it’s hard when you’re pissed! Enough is enough! Giving up on your kids, fans, and life is the cowardly way out!!!”

Now, I TOTALLY understand his feelings, and he has every right to express them, but my God, as a man that has gone through this, he comes off very ignorant here. First off, what purpose does this serve? Condemning suicide? Ok, cool….no one supports it, but he could’ve gotten his point across, very effectively, with 95% of his message. I personally take offense to the notion that Chester Bennington, and Chris Cornell for that matter, are cowards. Hey Brian, you’ve battled your own brain before and guess what, you were successful, congrats, but do you know how many people fail at that every day? Are they cowards, or are they sick? You do realize that every single person is unique and different right? So because you made it through doesn’t mean every result will be the same, and it doesn’t make every one that fails a coward. It makes them a tragedy.

Secondly, you say you’re concerned about the message this sends to his kids? What kind of message is it sending when someone, who claims he’s a good guy, and has friends who are very close to Bennington, slamming him as “cowardly” in the press? Hey, “_____HEAD” Welch, you don’t know what was going on in his head. HELL, there was a time that YOU didn’t know what was going on inside your own head.  Remember?

Let me ask you this “HEAD”, would it be right to slam you in the press while you were being a junkie because I viewed drug addicts as cowardly for numbing themselves? I don’t think so.

Furthermore this idea that he gave up on his kids, fans, and life is ridiculous. You sound like a guy who has never had a down day in your life, or has never sought a chemical to make you feel better. Furthermore, qualifying your statement with “I’m trying to be sympathetic, but it’s hard when you’re pissed” is just a prop to make yourself either look better for the shitty thing you just said, OR feel better because you know you’re just being an attention whore. LOOK AT ME, I WAS A JUNKIE AND DEPRESSED BUT I MADE IT THROUGH, WHAT A COWARD THIS GUY IS FOR NOT MAKING IT.

The fact is if he was thinking of his family and his kids, it definitely wasn’t about whatever positive influence he’s had on them. And the fans? I don’t know if he was thinking about them, but honestly, Brian, if you actually went through this, which I believe you did, you’ve been removed from this internal torture too long if this is the public statement you’re going to make.

I would expect someone that has been through it to ACTUALLY BE SYMPATHETIC, and even more than that, EMPATHETIC. You know what empathy is, right? Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes? You’ve actually been there, so maybe you should act like it.

Now, maybe you don’t want to be a role model for those who are struggling with substance addiction and mental illness, then that’s perfect, we’ll treat you as such. You’re just another ignorant rock star just shooting his mouth off. Either way, your statement reeks of ignorance and does so much more harm than good. You sound like a whiny musician with the unfortunate luxury of a platform, and sadly you’ve wasted that platform.

I will not, however, waste my platform no matter how small it is. Suicide is a tragedy, and fully devastating to all of those it touches. I understand the anger, sadness, and confusion it causes, and it does make me angry when a hero of mine, like Chris Cornell or a hero to others, like Chester Bennington, takes their own life. Yes, it appears selfish, but mental illness and depression is very powerful, and it effects each person differently.

Please, Please, PLEASE if any of you or any of you know someone who is struggling, know that there is help

( OR 1-800-273-8255).

Suicide is NOT Cowardly, it’s a tragedy.

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**UPDATE** I respect and appreciate Brian “Head” Welch’s apology, but for the rest of those I’ve seen comment and post on FB today about how “cowardly” suicide is, I will leave this article unchanged for you. So if you feel suicide is “cowardly,” then just insert your name where Brian “Head” Welch’s is.

As for Brian Welch, I’ve been a fan of his work with both KORN and Love and Death, and I felt hurt by his initial comment. Hurt because his story is an inspirational one, and it made all of that inspiration go away with one single post. I’m glad he saw the damage he was doing and I understand his misguided outpouring of emotions.

I didn't mean to sound insensitive about Chester. Just dealing with a range of emotions today. Love you Chester. I'm…

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Written by Chris Elio for Bloodrock Media on July 20, 2017


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