Written by Ken Bowden on September 12, 2016 for Bloodrock Media
Back in November up and coming band, Stellar Circuits made some noise outta North Carolina by dropping their awesome self-titled EP, Stellar Circuits. In light of their looming full length debut I think it’s time we got into why YOU need this album in your rotation.
From the beginning, there is a sense that while definitely a rock/metal band, Stellar Circuits is not some “basic white bitch” kinda metal. Immediately I was overwhelmed by a vibe I haven’t had since I first heard Tool, A Perfect Circle, or even Pulse Ultra. Thick, dramatic, vivacious music with spine tingling vocals, electrifying and wonderful. By the end of Stellar Circuits second track, “Midnight Mission” vocalist Ben Beddick shows that while his style maybe similar to Maynard in his Tool days, Beddick has a fire and intensity all his own. And by the time “Cellar Door” and their killer debut single “Penny Dreadful” (YouTube it, you’ll thank me later) wraps up, you will know exactly what kind of awesomeness you are dealing with. Solid vocals, artsy but not pretentious lyrics, and dope riffs, bass lines, and drums bringing it altogether.
While this nugget of goodness does suffer from EP syndrome (i.e. once it ends you’re like well FUCK I want more of that) it is actually perfect to pick up now, while there is only a short time before the full length release later this year. Stellar Circuits is just enough to keep the band fresh in your music mind for their album release, so grab this EP ASAP.