Sonic Prophecy released their third album on January 19, 2018 courtesy of Rockshot Records. Their previous albums were released in 2015 and 2011, respectively. Their music has been featured in movies, t.v shows and video games – so it must be good, right? This will be my first exposure to them, so let’s dig on in.

Savage Gods opens up with the track sharing the album name, and already we’re off to a good start. If you’re a fan of Judas Priest or Iron Maiden, stay tuned. The album starts with an intro that tingles up your spine, then guides you into bass riffs that let you know you’re going to stay tuned in. The lyrics start and this band sounds like a classic metal band. Not in a bad or overdone kind of way – I can literally imagine them touring with Ozzy and fitting right into the sound. “Night Terror” is the next track up, and the classic sound continues. The slow melody sets up the faster pace that the song presents, and the song does indeed make you feel like you may experience night terror – wondering “what waits for you in the storm.” “Unholy Blood” immediately greets you with riffs and a beat that make you want to move – and seriously, I know I’m going to say it a bunch of times, but it really cements even more that classic sound that Sonic Prophecy has mastered.

“Dreaming of the Storm” is another track that is going to make you want to move – whether it’s weird, awkward noodling or smooth, cool looking head sways. Shane Provstgaard’s vocals just flow over every track, supported by dudes who have seriously mastered their crafts. “A Walk Through The Fire” is an almost Dream Theater-esque track; somewhat slower with powerful vocals over fluidly syncing guitar, bass and drums. “A Prayer Before Battle” welcomes you in with the sound of a battle horn blowing, asking Odin to hear the prayer to stand with his brothers. The song truly makes you feel like you’re being amped up to go into an epic battle. “Iron Clad Heart” will have you headbanging from the opening chords – ask me how I know. This is a song to listen to when you’re working yourself up for something. I don’t care what it is – walking through the door at work in the morning and need some motivation? Listen to this. Don’t feel like going to the gym after work? Listen to this song. “Chasing the Horizon” wraps up the album, and it works up to sucking you in – starting off with a lighter sound, then producing another beat that makes you want to groove. It is a great track to end the album with, especially when you consider that they talk about chasing the horizon, chasing the sun, that tomorrow is theirs.

Savage Gods is an album that encapsulates everything that is good and holy within metal, and takes that good and holy and makes it godlike by adding in symphonic metal. I don’t care what you’re a fan of – if you can’t find a track on this album that makes you want to groove, or headbang, then we can’t be friends. These guys have artfully mastered producing sound like the classics that many, many bands have attempted to emulate and fallen short of. My hat is off to all of the guys in Sonic Prophecy; you know that scene in Wayne’s World when Wayne and Garth do that little bow and say “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy?” – yeah, there may even be some of that going on. The album dropped on January 19th – go out and get it. And if you love it, let us know! Bloodrock Rating: 5 of 5 axes!

Shane Provstgaard – Vocals
Darrin Goodman– Lead Guitar
Sebastian Martin– Guitar
Ron Zemanek – Bass
Matt LeFevre – Drums

Savage Gods
Night Terror
Unholy Blood
Dreaming of the Storm
Man the Guns
Walk Through The Fire
A Prayer Before Battle
Iron Clad Heart
Man and Machine
Chasing The Horizon

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Written by Har-Lena Morganbesser for Bloodrock Media on January 21, 2018.


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