Fresh outta Finland, Softcore Suicide, dropped the attitude laden single “R.I.P.”. Softcore Suicide began when vocalist Petu, guitarists Samu and Laassi, bassist Sane, and drummer Aku joined forces in 2014, these guys bring their unique blend of hard rock, punk, and thrash that will appeals to fans of bands The Misfits or Motorhead.

The vibe of this track (as well as others readily available on Spotify and YouTube) will make you wanna jump on a Harley or hop in a hotrod while wearing your most badass leather jacket and burn up the road.

Check out their other kick ass singles as well “Bleed Until You’re Dead” and “Sick as Fuck” the mash up of solid groove and no fucks given attitude make these European up and comers infectious and their zero fucks given let’s rage attitude is undeniable, this is rock raw and roaring.

Check them out:

Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on January 27, 2017