Slow Death’s first album Hate Filled World is an uproaring testament to the glory that is furious noise punk. Reminiscent of the early days of bands like Dillinger Escape Plan or Poison the Well, Hate Filled World is filled to the brim with the spite it’s name implies. The tracks are short but straight to the point, exploding in your face immediately from the second you hit play. Mercilessly assaulting your speakers with outlandish riffs and machine gun drumming. If you are looking for a sign that hardcore punk is alive and well, then we’re alerting you with the Batsignal.

With swift and absolutely brutal songs like “I’d Rather Be The Hammer” and “Blade Runs Red” assaulting your senses from all angles, this album is an excellent collection of adrenaline pumping tracks. From the vocals to the noise inspired punk riffs and skull rocking drums, Slow Death creates an atmosphere of unbridled chaos.

Hate Filled World is 8 tracks of musical anarchy that will sate even the most savage of punk/metal heads. The short time stamp of its tunes serve to make the album repeat worthy. Slow Death couldn’t have asked for a better first album to be released. While you can blaze through this album fast, your energy and interest will be spiked all to hell and not only will you be ready to hit play again, but you will be eager to hear even more from the band.

Slow Death nailed the art of trimming the fat and crafted an infectious hardcore punk album that will keep you enamored for many spins to come. Mastering the balance between flash and substance, Hate Filled World is an ardent reminder that while they are many pretenders to the throne of hardcore, there are still the real deals out there making magic – and we see you.

1.Daggers of Hate
2.Hungry Rats
3.Vacant Lots
4.Suicide Man
5.I’d Rather Be the Hammer
6.Midnight Black
7.Blade Runs Red
8.Three on the Meathook

Randy Larsen – Bass/vocals
Matt Spearin – Drums
Jeremy Medeiros – Guitar

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Bloodrock Rating:  3.5 out of 5.0

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on July 14, 2017


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