Slovenian solid heavy metal band Pyroxene released their first EP today April 21st 2017 via Inverse Records.
»Ep« is a concept album with 4 poems, talking about the rise of our overlord fireborn Pyroxene, his conquest of cities and lands, of the rituals under his dominion and of his great war on the Moon! Pyroxene’s first album gives you a small insight into the lore of the Fireborn, creator of suns, slayer of weak.

Music that is in the essence heavy metal is intertwined with etno melodics and dark grooves. Many times it was described as retro sound or chemical. The band has decided to record a cover of Black Sabbath’s Electric funeral, to pay tribute to the legends of metal.

The band is founded in 2011 and their repertoire stretches from blues elements and hard rock to heavy metal, whereas they define themselves as »solid metal«. After releasing few successful singles the band is now ready to be introduced even on a bigger audience. If you’re still unfamiliar with this fresh and energetic band the best option is to check their solid music video Helium 3 here:

Pyroxene – EP
Track list:

1. Fireborn 

2. Bullets fly 
3. Cleansed in fire 
4. Black Sabbath’s Electric funeral (cover) 
5. Helium – 3
Jan Tehovnik: vocals 
Kristjan Hacin: solo guitar, backing vocals 
Andraž Kumar: rhythm guitar, backing vocals 
Mate Hrovat: bass guitar, backing vocals 
Domen Cizej: drums 
Quarantine (single) 2012 
Spring Blues (single) 2012 
Things I was (single) 2013 
 DKP (single) 2014 
Helium – 3 (single) 2015 
Ep – (EP) 2017 Inverse Records