Slave I – Scriptures

Written by Ken Bowden on March 22, 2016 for Bloodrock Media

Initial thoughts may be why the hell does Slave I have three guitar players and what the fuck is Mandalorian Metal?! While the latter of the two contemplations may lead one to believe there will be some Star Wars related, geeky sound effects, possibly a sci-fi speech or two on Scriptures, they would be totally off base. What fans will actually encounter is nothing short of top notch, FORCE-ified metal and while their name is geeky (and we at BRM love geeky), every moment of Scriptures will make even the most jaded metal mercenary yearn for a Wall of Death.
The first track on the EP, ‘Left Hand of God’, will blast through listener’s speakers with the fury of a thousand fists, a phenomenal combination of vicious vocals and savage guitar riffs, the track sets the tone for the rest of the EP.  The middle tracks are equally tremendous, very early Black Dahlia Murder-esque, yet still unique. The last track on Scriptures, ‘End of Days’, concludes the EP perfectly, even with its title with its doom-worthy epicness.
Fans searching for something short, new, not so sweet, and epically kick ass will find themselves playing Scriptures on repeat. And will finally answer their own question of why the hell do they have three guitar players, with the obvious answer of “WHY THE FUCK SHOULDN’T THEY?!”. Bottom line, every track on Scriptures will feel like the business end of a blaster meeting listeners’ faces and with the approval of Boba Fett himself from the depths of the sarlacc pit, Scriptures is a must purchase…….like yesterday.