Russia’s deathcore demons Slaughter to Prevail’s newest release, Misery Sermon, was unleashed upon the world on May 5th. This evil release personifies everything you could ever want when it comes to brutal, slamming deathcore.  For fans that have not caught Slaughter to Prevail live, it is a great experience.  All members perform perfectly; no hiccups or missed notes. Slaughter to Prevail doesn’t need any hype before a show or between songs; the general ambiance released from the stage is enough to get the crowd moving. Vocalist Alex Shikolai seems to embody the epitome of hatred, both recorded and live.

Slaughter to Prevail’s members are ingenious with time signatures, innovative guitar technique, and one-of-a-kind vocals. Once you listen to Misery Sermon all the way through, it becomes clear only a few other bands can compare to the groovy, half-speed breakdowns Slaughter to Prevail has to offer. As for tone, guitarists Slava Antonenko and Sam Baker couldn’t have done a better job creating such an aggressive sound, while maintaining clarity throughout Misery Sermon.

Misery Sermon is a blissfully horrific release is guaranteed to leave you with only one feeling; which is sheer terror.  So make sure you grab your copy today!

Listen to Misery Sermon here:

Misery Sermon
Russian Hate
Chronic Slaughter
Failed Hope
Born to Die
The Hell in Man
Malice of Rites

Alex Shikolai (Terrible) / Vocals
Anton Poddyachy / Drums
Filipp Kucheryavyh / Bass
Slava Antonenko / Guitar
Sam Baker / Guitar
Jack Simmons / Guitar

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Written by JB McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on May 14, 2017
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