This, my friends, is an album that teaches you the virtue of a tiny bit of patience. Being straight up real deal with ya like I always am, I gotta say the first real track “Damnation” had me about 2 seconds from sharpening a pitchfork and lighting a torch. The music is so good but damn the vocals are awful. HOWEVER that first instinct was entirely wrong. This album is fuckin solid – LA power trio Sinicle takes quite the unique approach to groove oriented heavy metal and knocks it out of the park, one minor flub aside.

“Death Coast” is undeniably addictive, as catchy as it is fierce from start to finish. This one song was so lit it made my attitude do a complete 180 and considering how gold the rest of the album turns out to be. I’m damn glad it did. “Angels & Demons,” the title track, is equally dope; while it’s more roller coaster in pace laden with as many slow tempo moments as fiery ones, the timing on when to light shit up and when to be a little more chill is expertly mastered. “Baltimore” is overloaded with more attitude than you can shake a stick at, with a badass solo and great thunderous drumming to boot, it’s sure to inspire many a moshpit. “Broken Silence” is almost Thrice-like in its ability to portray channeled fervor. Lyrically it seems nearly calm but there’s a fire in these vocals that is undeniable. There’s sick groove, there’s angst, there’s everything you need for a good rager in this track. “Operations Activate” is the closing song and a perfect example of going out on a high note – the track is hardcore yet suave. The riffing throughout takes you from “damn homie that was slick” to “oh shit it’s about to get real!” at the drop of a dime.

By combining witty hooks, catchy as fuck riffs and sick drumming, Sinicle has crafted a flooring heavy metal album. It takes the elements you need in ferocious metal and turns them on their ear with insane blues, jazz and even occasionally lit old school dipping solos into a new sonic beast. After years of dropping solid EPs they finally took it to the next level with a jaw-dropping full length release. September 22nd is right around the corner, so be prepared to add a heavy metal gem to your collection you won’t wanna take off repeat.

3.Death Coast
4.Angels & Demons
5.Miller Time
6.Rabbit Hole
9.Broken Silence
10.Free Like Me
11.Operations Activate

Drew Zaragoza-Vocals, Guitar
Justin Miller-Vocals, Bass
Diego Patino-Drums

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Written by Ken Kaiser for Bloodrock Media on September 18, 2017