IN MY LIVING ROOM EATING COOL RANCH DORITOS, PA – What’s up there metal peeps. It’s summer time officially as of today, and it’s time to look into the future. What’s coming out, and what is our summer of 2017 soundtrack going to look like this year? Last week, we focused on popular, non-heavy artists with a Proggy feel with Steven Wilson and Styx releasing a slew of singles in a short period of time. We also touched on a perennial pop-rock band in the Foo Fighters. So this week, we’re going to go potpourri. There’s some heavy, alt-rock and even a pop pick. So, here are the BRM singles, for 6/20..the start of summer.


Queens of the Stone AgeThe Way You Used to DoJosh Homme and the guys are back, and they sound as raw and rocking as they always do. This tune is a swinging romp full of signature QotSA attitude. Raw guitar sounds and Josh’s unmistakable voice. This tune sets up for another great QotSA release. Villains is due out on August 25th.


Marzi MontezariA Monster Within – This song features Tim “Ripper” Owens…that’s all you need to know. Ok, I’ll tell you more. Marzi Montazeri is the guitar wizard behind Super Joint Ritual and has played in Phil Anselmo’s The Illegals, and he is finally going to show us his full abilities by the sounds of this single. He’s a shredder o the highest order. This song has everything you want from a metal tune, killer riffage, heavy drums, speed AND groove, shredding guitars, and Tim “Ripper” Owens ripping your face off with vocals that rival Rob Halford in his prime (“Ripper” tops most “Best Replacement Singers” lists because of his time with Judas Priest…he’s an animal). The full album, which is appropriately titled The Uprising is due out June 23rd.


Bardspec BoneBardspec is the creation of Enslaved’s Ivar Bjornson and Today’s the Day’s Steve Austin. This single from the forthcoming Hydrogen (due out June 23rd) is atmospheric instrumental music that will certainly take you to a different place if you listen intently through headphones as I did. I was laying down, after a very long day, just trying to relax and I had my “singles for the week” playlist on, and then this hit. I was whisked away to an unfamiliar place where dragons, and fairies lived. Wait…where did I just go? Anyway, if you like 12 minute instrumental pieces that definitely set a scene, then Bardspec is your jam. I’m generally not an instrumental guy, but this is some very well crafted music, the video is pretty awesome too.


Poison BloodThe Scourge and the Gestalt – Sludgy, heavy and angry. There really isn’t more to say about this raw release by Poison Blood. Poison Blood is a collaboration between Jenks Miller guitarist of Horseback and Neill Jameson vocalist and front man of the black-metal band Krieg. This tune is the first off of the forthcoming self-titled EP to be released on Relapse Records. The most interesting part of this recording, these two have never met in person. It’s an interesting listen, and certainly a more straight forward approach for Jenks Miller. You can hear the tune here


The KillersThe Man – …and finally let me throw in my pop pick of the week. I have a closeted love for this band, but unfortunately this song misses the mark for me. They had an electro-rock/new wave thing that I really enjoyed when they first came out with “Somebody Told Me.” Then they showed some straight rock chops with songs like “When We Were Young” and “Runaways.” This song, their first new single since 2012, has a disco feel to it, and lyrically doesn’t offer a whole lot. Now, I’ve been burned by singles before in both directions. On one end, I’ve had a single come out and be a poor representation of how good the rest of the album is (Opeth, Pale Communion is a great example of this), and then I’ve fallen in love with a single only to be largely disappointed by the rest of the album (this has happened more times then I care to admit). The forthcoming album, Wonderful, Wonderful has no release date yet.


Written by Chris Elio for Bloodrock Media on June 20, 2017