Single Mothers – Meltdown
Written by Ken Bowden on August 26, 2016 for Bloodrock Media
Single Mothers is one of those noisy punk bands that just grabs you, despite the silly ass name, the music is no fuckin’ joke. In their latest release Meltdown, Single Mothers return to form, bringing in your face attitude, lyrics as catchy as they are biting, and the growling yet groovy punk rock they’ve come to be loved for.
The title track and opener, “Meltdown”, starts things off with a bang, the guitar crunches and kicks, and the drums are a-blasting. By the time it ends you’re hyped up and ready for the rest of the ride this EP is about to take you on. One of the best things about “Meltdown” is it takes you back to yesteryear of punk rock, the days of The Refused, Quicksand, early Glassjaw without sounding dated or stale.
Did they reinvent punk rock with these five killer tracks? Nope. Did they prove that punk is still alive and well outside of the trendy pop punk bopper set? You bet your sweet ass they did.
The only real downside of Meltdown is the length (that’s what she said), while EPs are typically short and Single Mothers is no strangers to fast and furious EPs, it is a bit of a buzzkill to hear these five amazing tracks and 15 short minutes later it is over. The silver lining, and of course there always has to be a silver lining, is that there’s almost always a repeat button on most music playing devices and for that we are thankful. So if you’re feigning for more, you can press repeat OR snatch up Wild Party (2010), S/T (2011), or their full length album Negative Qualities (2014) to get your fix. That being saidMeltdown is DEFINITELY a must listen for anyone who likes music that gets the adrenaline pumping.