Siinai is a group out of Helsinki, Finland. There is a bit of mystery to this group, which adds to the style of music they bring to the table. The album, Sykli, will be released by Svart Records on October 27th, 2017. The pre-order is available now through Svart Records!

The album’s artwork is simplistic, but has much depth. The word Sykli means cycle. The band explores this concept within the instrumentals of the album with entrancing swells of sound. I really enjoy that the album cover is black and white, rather than colourful.

The first song from the album, “Temppeli”, is very ambient. The twinkling melody with the massive wall of synths engulf the listener. It becomes a temple of sound when the almost hymnal style vocal melodies come in. It is very reminiscent to a much more relaxed Aphex Twin ambient track. It is the type of track one could meditate to. The visuals I got from the song were spacey, but almost cathedral-esque.

“Mestari” begins with an earthling coughing and sniffling. I thought this was a very interesting real sound to begin the track with; very inspiring from them to show this. The shakers and hand drums plunge the listener more into the trance state from the “Temppeli”. The listener is then hit with a flute and screaming echoing atmospheric tracks that come in and out. I can only compare this track to the sound the wind would make atop a mountain. As this flows more and more, you get a real sense of the otherworldly nature of the album, yet also a very natural Earthly sound.

“Sykli” opens with a melody in an odd time signature. It promotes the title of the song extremely well: the cycle. There are very minor accents that begin on the percussive side. Siinai has refined the concept of these swells to create their own individual, unique overall sound for each song. The pressure of this track seems to rise and fall, as if the music is an entity rather than just music. The bass notes that come in and out strike the listener to the core.

I had to start another paragraph for the six minute mark of “Sykli” as it astounded me. A wailing horn comes in alongside choir synths, and when the beat kicks up a notch, wow.. It is something else. I cannot peg if it alternates violins and the horn or both, but this is something I have never heard anything like in my 10+ years of loving and listening to orchestral music. The outro is something that will bring the listener to their knees.

After what I heard from “Sykli”, the intro to “Ananda is somewhat off-putting because of the upbeat bass groove with the percussion mimicking it, but it drew me closer in interest. When the high end melodies come in on “Ananda”, I said to myself, “Oh, there is that sound I was expecting; swelling in nature.” This definitely has the most motion out of all the tracks thus far. My mind began to play with the melodies when what sounds to be a female vocal sample enters halfway through the track. When an artist can make my mind play with harmonies is when I know they are doing something extremely special. Siinai is something special; extraordinarily special. “Europa” makes great usage of the higher frequencies early on in the song. Again, they ping on the swelling sound wave with the percussive beat around the ambient noise of melody and dissonance; a great auditory representation of space and floating. The very major and happy sounding ending is enlightening; a sense of hope to end, what I like to call, an odyssey of an album on.

Skyli is not just an album to be heard – it is an album for one who wants to journey through time and space, active feelings and meditation, highs and lows. It is an experience, not just an auditory distraction. So if you like your music to transport you to a higher plane, and make you feel – Sykli will be available on October 27th! Get you one!

Bloodrock Rating: 5 out of 5 axes!


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Written by MichaelPoteate for Bloodrock Media on September 27, 2017