SIFTING – NOT FROM HERE (Eclipse Records)

When we here at Bloodrock are assigned albums to review, we usually get our pick of the litter. That means we typically do a bit of research on the bands beforehand to figure out which ones we’d like to review, based on whether or not we think we’d be able to do the band justice.  This time, I asked my editor to send me a few randoms to shake things up. Surprisingly, I was not disappointed with her choices for me! The short story, Not From Here is a damned good album.

Sifting are a progressive metal band from Los Angeles, and from looking at them, it’s quite the shocker. You’d never expect a band that looks the way they do, to sound like this.  They’d EASILY pass for the tight jeans wearing metalcore/screamo type of band, and had Eduardo (the singer) done one of those, he’d do it well. His voice has this sort of youngish sounding tone to it that lends to today’s nut clenching emo sound (I always picture some angry woman grabbing the singer’s nuts and ska-WEEZING, and the consequential sound brought forth from said poor schlub’s mouth is how he finds his singing voice).

That, thankfully, is not the case.  I didn’t even know what kind of band I was plugging in when I started the album, and I was immediately greeted by Dream Theater and Devin Townsend’s bastard child.

The band manage to spring through ten tracks that, even for the fans of more mainstream metal, are easy to listen to.  You can sit and listen, appreciating the tones and the time signatures, or you can jam out to it in your car.  Fans of old MUDVAYNE would love this stuff.

The album’s title track continues the Dream Theater-esque remark. Old Dream Theater, mind you.  The good thing about a band like this is, while I’ve not seen them live, I can easily imagine the string section properly rocking out to their stuff on stage, which, for noodlers, is a nice image.  I see more and more bands these days who you can just tell are concentrating WAAAAY too hard on the noodling aspect that they completely forget to rock out, which, as we all know, is WHY we got out of bed and went to see the band!

Boring shows are boring, and I don’t see this band like that.

This is usually the part where I’d say “if I had one gripe, it would be,” but I really can’t think of anything! The overall sound is spot on for a band that sounds like this; a perfect mix of warm low end and crisp, clean guitars. The singer’s voice is wonderfully on par, and hasn’t a single shred of autotuning (thank fucking CHRIST). The dude can belt it out, no doubt.

This album is like eating eating crispy duck from my favorite Thai food place after a week’s worth of vending machine crap.  For this, I’m giving Not From Here a crisp, clean 5 out of 5! Nice job, guys!

Not From Here drops on September 29th 2017.  Pick it up and eat your Thai food.

FFO: Dream Theater, Fibonacci Sequence, Devon Townsend Band

1- Agents of Chaos
2- Alone
3- Blowing Fire
4- Not From Here
5- Blurry Paintings
6- Pledge of our Generation
7- Nothing But Us
8- Things Change
9- Epsilon
10- Gloom

Eduardo O Gil – Guitar & Vocals
Richard Garcia – Lead Guitar
Abelardo Bolano – Drums
Wins Jarquin – bass

Check out Sifting here:


Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on September 18, 2017