Sianvar – Stay Lost
Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on August 15, 2016
Sianvar, a conglomeration of members from Dance Gavin Dance, Hail the Sun, Stolas, and A lot Like Birds, released their debut full length album, Stay Loston August 5th.   If you aren’t familiar with Sianvar, let me introduce you; they are a super progressive/post-hardcore group made up of uber talented members Donovan Melero (vocals), Will Swan (guitar), Sergio Medina (guitar), Joseph Arrington (drums), and Michael Franzino (bass).  Their 2014 self-titled EP, Sianvar, is straight up fire and should definitely be given a listen.
Now back to Stay Lost, “Omniphobia”, the first single was blowing my mind, I blasted that shit more times than I care to admit.  With almost hallucinogenic guitars, Swan and Medina hold nothing back, and the result is mind blowing. Then “Psychosis Succumbing” debut and again, muy caliente, I was still hooked to the infectious groove of “Omniphobia” but “Psychosis Succumbing” was still damn good.  These two tracks had me salivating with anticipation ofStay Lost.
Finally, the day I’ve been waiting for, August 5th, the wait is finally over.   I’m sitting at my desk, palms sweating profusely (okay that may be an exaggeration), and I hit play.  The first track, “Stay Lost” comes on and it’s pretty good, but next up is my jam, “Omniphobia”, with riffs so dope and bass lines so funky, everything is a blur for a bit. So much so that I somehow made it to the seventh track, “Coordinate Love”, before realizing I had missed “Psychosis Succumbing”, so I have to rewind.  “Coordinate Love” and “1100 Days” are definite bangers, boasting upbeat grooves galore.
And that’s where it ends, not the album, there are still two more songs on Stay Lost, but they seem to be, quite honestly, filler. A bit disappointing, particularly when you know what a band of this caliber is capable of, that they underwhelm.  Stay Lost wasn’t a bad experience or even a less than good one, it just felt like an experience. To quote Batman’s young ward Robin “Overwhelmed, underwhelmed, nobody is ever just whelmed.” Well Boy Wonder, this guy was just whelmed.