Shadow of Doubt’s No Mercy is a 4 track love letter to the yesteryears of New York hardcore. It’s comparable to merger of bands such as FEAR and Black Flag with newer bands like Hatebreed. An awkward mix that on paper seems like it should work, but in practice still has some kinks to be worked out.

There’s nothing wholly wrong with No Mercy, it just seems at times the album’s song pacing is a little off. Tracks like “Neglect” sound like something early Pantera might have dropped as a demo after dropping the glam metal sound, (yeah you forgot all about the pre-Phil era didn’t you? You’re welcome for that) but the music and the vocals just do not quite mesh as well as they should.  In “No Mercy” we’re presented with the same issue, but it does give vocalist Ely some room to flex and show he’s got more than just a Jamey Jasta impression in his vocal arsenal. Despite a bit of a rough take off, this EP does hold some promise. In “Fade”, we again see Ely flex his vocal muscles, showing he is capable of roaring and belting out some solid melodies – while not enough to blow you away, it will still make even the most cynical listener raise an eyebrow.

While No Mercy is an A+ for effort situation, it does fall flat on accomplishing a well crafted opening and hits you more like a jam session recorded on the fly. While the EP itself isn’t mindblowing, it does show solid promise for future endeavors. It is worth a listen but I will ask listeners to reserve final judgement of the band until they drop a follow up EP or a full length studio album.

2.No Mercy

Patrick – Guitar
Ely – Vocals
Jeremy – Guitar
Lorenzo – Drums
Justin – Bass

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Bloodrock Rating: 2.0 of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on July 14, 2017