We don’t get many bands from Russia, but when we do, it’s usually a good one. Such is the case with Secure’s newest EP Chasing Rainbows.

It’s a surprising blend of emo- style metal and a little bit of Devon Townsend; nothing too ostentatious, just a nice blend of style and talent.

One thing that I quickly liked right off the bat was the fact that the singer has some nuts on him. Too often in the emo genres do you have a singer who’s testicles CLEARLY have not descended, and hence, you have a singer whose vocals sound like the back end of a baby rhino when it’s doing its business. Not the case with singer Paul Gorbatov, the kid has clearly done his homework and honed his craft so that he actually sounds like someone other than an eight year old boy.

The guitarist, Vladimir, also effectively backs him up with some well sung melody.

I’m really digging this disk. It’s refreshing that I can listen to an emo band and actually like it! You have songs like “Heights” and “Your Friends. Your Heart. Yourself.” that highlight the bands use of kickass riffs and drums, with soulful vocals.

If I have one gripe, it’s that the disk is too short, but that’s pretty much it!

Chasing Rainbows is a damned good disk. As I said, we don’t get very much music from behind the iron curtain, but this one is one that you guys need to hear. I give Chasing Rainbows a 4 out of 5. хорошая работа, ребята! пришлите мне диск.

Chasing Rainbows dropped November 23, 2017. Pick it up now.

FFO: Fallout Boy, Threat Signal

01 – Marionette
02 – Sense of Everything
03 – Rised to Believe
04 – Heights
05 – The future, like it’s supposed to Be
06 – Your friends. Your heart. Yourself.

Paul Gorbatov – vocals
Andrew Luck – bass
Vladimir Petrov – guitar
Vlad Pleshakov – drums

Check out Secure here:



Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on  January 1, 2018