In just six short days (May 12th) the madmen of Sacrificial Slaughter drop their newest slice of mayhem Generation of Terror via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and it’s just as brutal as one would expect. Fans of bands from Deicide to Exhumed to Dying Fetus will gobble this delicious carnage up like there’s no tomorrow.

Generation of Terror is like watching a rabid surgeon do “delicate” brain surgery with a rusty jackhammer; it’s gory, it’s nasty, and you just can’t look away.  There are six total tracks on Generation of Terror; five ridiculously intense, originals and a Black Plague level, sick cover of Carnivore’s “Race War”. It will be a struggle to pick out a favorite track from the six.  Some noteworthy musical massacres within Generation of Terror include “Bodies in the Basement”, title track “Generation of Terror” and the aptly named “Bare Knuckle Beat Down”.

If you like straight up, no holds barred leg breaking, spine ripping grind-core, Generation of Terror is what your adrenal glands are craving.  Make sure on May 12th to say screw your heart rate and pick up this six shooter of insanity.

1. Systematic Genocide
2. Bodies in the Basement
3. Meticulous Abomination
4. Generation of Terror
5. Bare Knuckle Beat Down
6. Race War (Carnivore cover)

Check out Sacrificial Slaughter here:


Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on May 6, 2017
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