Straight out of Voltana, Italy comes the hard rock quintet Royal Guard. Their album Lights & Dreams dropped on September 5, 2017, courtesy of Sliptrick Records. Let me tell you – this isn’t an album you’re going to want to pass up, especially if you like to groove.

From the opening track “The Cage”, Royal Guard proves that they’re not here to fuck around. Opening up with a hard, groovy beat that’s going to want to make you get off your ass and dance, the album is off to a great start. “Shiver” upholds the band’s already proven attitude, adding in some layered vocals for a new level of awesome. “No Regrets” showcases bad bass riffs to start off, with Dave’s vocals showing new ranges – getting lower while he’s singing about breaking the law. The bass is groovy and prominent, and perfectly placed in a song about not changing the outlaw life being lead. “Midnight Kiss” is a hard rock driven love song – and who doesn’t love a hard rock love song about smoking and drinking and loving? “Live Forever” is going to kick it back up a notch – quick moving bass over slamming drums, harmonizing vocals over a beat that will at the very least make you tap those toes or shake a leg along. “Rise Up and Fight” keeps up precedent the band has set with every other song on the album – they are here to rock, and tell you to rise up and fight and take back your life. “No God” is the track that wraps up the album – it’s the slowest starting track and almost sounds like it belongs in an old school Western – you know, that scene when the two dudes decide in the saloon that they’re going to go outside and gunfight to settle their differences. However, after nine other tracks of in your face rock, adding in a slower touch doesn’t take away from the overall sound of the album at all.

Lights & Dreams is an album that is going to make you want to groove, sing along, and dance; it is an album that is hard rock in the truest form. The sounds are consistent, the instruments never overpower the vocals, and the messages in each track are clear and concise pictures over a musical soundtrack. If you’re in the market for a new album that you will enjoy from start to finish, you need to pick this one up. And if you ever have the chance to see these guys live – do it – I doubt you’ll be sorry. This album is earning a solid 4.5/5.


1. The Cage
2. Shiver
3. No Regrets
4. Midnight Kiss
5. Change Direction
6. Live Forever
7. Breaking Floor
8. Rise Up And Fight
9. My Way
10. No God


Mad Matt – Bass
Taba – Guitar & vocals
Simo – Drums
Dave – Vocals
Met – Guitar
Check out Royal Guard here:
Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on October 31, 2017