Rotting Obscene – Depths of Decay
Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on June 7, 2016
Rotting Obscene is scheduled to release their full-length debut album, Depths of Decay, on June 24, 2016 courtesy of Transcending Records.
Where should one start?  Well, as soon as Depths of Decay’s first track, “Audient Void”, starts to play, one thing is abundantly clear, Rotting Obscene values two things: musical prowess and ferocity. The first three tracks “Audient Void”, “Cataclysmic Advent” and the title track “Depths of Decay”, make ‘in your face’ so understood that unless you are Helen Keller’s ghost or a binary computer, you will be catching what Rotting Obscene is throwing down.  With crushing vocals, brutal riffs that twist and turn like sluts of sadistic pleasure, not to mention machine gun drumming,  it’s impossible to ignore their intense brutality. Other outstanding tracks on Depths of Decay include: “Abhorrent Reprisal”, “Absence of Light” and the skull crushing closer “Defacing Divinity” . Every track will prove to fans Rotting Obscene means business from the first note to the last.
Depths of Decay is not for fans of the lighter, less technical side of metal.  For those fans dedicated to their brutality and enjoy the likes of Deicide, Dying Fetus, and Gutrot, those lucky fuckers will find themselves with a hard-on so solid they may need an ice-pick to knock it down
Depths of Decay is not for the faint of heart or the casual listener; it’s gritty and raw; it’s like a chainsaw in both ears and proceeding to thank the guy holding the chainsaw for the bloody experience. Not even once does Rotting Obscene ease up on their intensity.
For fans that love their music as hard and fast as it comes, Depths of Decay is absolutely perfect and is a must listen. For those pussies not quite ready to crush skulls, throw their fists in the air so hard they pop their shoulder out of socket, and/or give themselves whiplash from swinging their hair like a cyclone in the pit…..well they should probably go listen to Green Day because this shit is way too intense for them.