Well boys and girls, get ready for a truly weird one this time, a Robert W. Chambers audiobook transcription from a part of his 1895 work The King in Yellow titled The Yellow Sign, it has a very H.P. Lovecraft vibe to it.   The brilliantly haunting score for The Yellow Sign was composed by Maurizio Guarini, of Italian prog/horror ions, Goblin.  The King in Yellow is Chambers’ most recognized work and The Yellow Sign makes it apparent why that is.

Now to be transparent, this is not a music album – it is an audiobook. However, this audiobook is the perfect listen for a fan of H.P. Lovecraft style macabre storytelling, as it delivers exactly that. The story revolves around an artist who begins to have strange dreams, mirroring the recurring dreams his model, Tessie, had been having of a hearse carrying a coffin in which the artist lies, but alive. After finding a book called The King in Yellow, things continue to descend into chaos as Tessie reads the book, which is known to drive its readers mad. After finding her dazed, he reads the book and the images from his dreams slowly begin to come true. His model eventually dies, and he is supposed to have written this story on his deathbed while waiting for a priest.

The King in Yellow has influenced many authors since being published, and is still being referenced in entertainment today (see True Detective – you know, the first season with Matthew McConaughey). The storytelling is of quality, and the dark undertones throughout the story will keep you entertained while also sending chills up and down your spine. You will want to give The Yellow Sign a listen if you love horror, the temptation of something forbidden and the darkest mysteries.

The Yellow Sign – Side A
The Yellow Sign – Side B


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Written by Ethan Grason for Bloodrock Media on June 20, 2017.