Break out your teen angst guys and ghouls, ’cause this one is full of raging against machines, your parents, the government, and all that jazz. If you’re looking for complexity or high brow lyricism, this album ain’t for you, Jack. But if you’re in more of a “meat and potatoes” punk influenced/nu-metal kinda mood then we got you fam – pull up a chair real quick.

For starters Rig Time! is a Midwestern trio, hailing from Wisconsin, and they are dropping their third release, WAR, on October 20th courtesy of Innerstrength Records. 

WAR is a rugged album that makes up for it’s lack of finesse with raw aggression and extremely blunt lyrics. The songs are fairly short and to the point, blaring blatant chants against conformity and disdain for the world’s modern status quo. With tracks like “Deserve” vehemently shouting “WE, DESERVE THE WORST! NOW IT’S COMING!” there are no words being minced and no heavy themes to ponder here. For some that’ll be a breath of fresh air, for others…they might crave something with a bit meatier substance to it.

Tracks like “Blister” are a bit more than non-eloquently crafted protest tunes with a mix of nu-metal vibes and some sweet bass tone, with a heavy dose of sludge metal influence thrown in the pot. Some tracks, like “Restricted,” are rather strange attempts to do grindcore style short tracks but with the sludge-metal drawn out sound, the end result doesn’t quite hit the mark – but still A+ for effort. Despite a simplistic take on what is usually tackled from more of a thinker’s angle, the album itself isn’t half bad for what it is.

Oddly enough despite 10 sludge influenced tracks WAR is pretty short, so perfect for a quick listen while you hop in the shower or go for a morning run or something where angry music will get you motivated to get moving. Grindcore snobs and the like will probably want to pass on this one; not because it’s a terrible album or anything but simply because it skips the meat and potatoes approach throughout. WAR is fine on it’s own but it won’t be redefining any genres of metal anytime soon, so if that’s a factor for you then remember you were given the 411 from the jump.

For the metal heads looking for something to just blare while they go about their day, WAR is a great choice. With its bluntness, it doesn’t require a ton of focus not to miss anything, making it perfect for just hitting play and knocking out homework, gaming, lifting, etc. The one real flaw I find here is the eerie similarity to tracks on early albums like Coal Chamber’s self-titled debut album or Kittie‘s Spit – particularly the songs “Jonny” and “Suck” – there are definitely some riffs that’ll have you feeling like “you’ve heard this before”. That being said there’s also no real reason not to give WAR a listen and make a final judgement for yourself.

01 – WAR

Bryan W.-drums/vocals
Rebecca Fleming-guitars
Mark Trueman-bass/vocals

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on September 26, 2017