Veteran Italian rockers Rhapsody of Fire are bringing that fresh heat with Legendary Years. Remember when Count Dooku/Saruman dropped a metal album? Then you know these guys, and now with their proper vocalist Giacomo Voli they unleash 14 tracks of solid symphonic metal madness. The band describes their signature sound as film score metal and aptly so –Legendary Years is track after track of heroic tales of demon slaying and oceans of fire.

I know what you’re thinking, “but songs about monsters and angels and all that shit happen all the time”. Well, you’d be right but….and it’s a big but, it rarely is done this well. Each narrative is told cleanly with vigor. Each song progresses the album forward like a well written novel’s chapters. Legendary Years will keep you entranced with sick riffs, solid vocal performances and even dope keyboards, which is way harder to pull off than most are willing to admit.

The opener to “Beyond the Gates of Infinity” is superb and owes that heavily to the eerie keys riddled throughout. “Knightrider of Doom” crafts an excellent tale of a man’s thirst for vengeance transforming him into something more than a man, showcasing the band’s ability to pull you in with solid storytelling.  The searing opening riffs to “Emerald Sword” had me rewinding that track to continually relisten, and the vocals on “Legendary Tales” are as mystifying as the album’s themes.

There are so many solid tracks on Legendary Years that it’s really hard to pin down any of them that are really skippable.  Be forewarned, this album is absolutely an investment of your time – but it is an investment worth making. While each track is badass in its own right, the narrative they are crafting feels more satisfying when taken in as a whole.  So do yourself a solid, clear your schedule for an evening, pop this bad boy in and prepare to take one helluva ride.

1. Dawn of Victory
2. Knightrider of Doom
3. Flames of Revenge
4. Beyond the Gates of Infinity
5. Land of Immortals
6. Emerald Sword
7. Legendary Tales
8. Dargor, Shadowlord of the Black Mountain
9. When Demons Awake
10. Wings of Destiny
11. Riding the Winds of Eternity
12. The Dark Tower of the Abyss
13. Holy Thunderforce
14. Rain of A Thousand Flames

Giacomo Voli – Vocals
Alex Staropoli – Keyboards
Roby De Micheli – Guitars
Alessandro Sala – Bass
Manu Lotter – Drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on July 14, 2017