It’s nice to know that in a world where more strings equals apparently heavier music, there’s a metal band who keeps it real.

I did a little homework on this and I can say, Vancouver’s Revenger really improved their sound. I took a listen to their first album To The Wolves, and then I popped in their newest EP, The New Mythology Vol. 1, and the difference in the overall mix was night and day. Very much improved. I won’t say the same about their song structuring or vocals, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Andrew Bailey’s vocals are pretty strong.

The rest of the band have their chops as well. These Canucks really have their shit together, and I think my favorite example of this is the second track, “Anti Life,” wherein they even let the bassist JP Poulin have his moment with some really nice and not shoehorned bass noodling! Pretty cool.

Some progressive tones in the songs sort of belie the band’s suggested thrash metal flag waving, which I liked. The band does stick pretty close to the whole Hatebreed-esque sound which, if you’re into that, will have you banging your head. Thankfully, they quickly steer away from getting too close to Hatebreed’s line-rhyme-repeat lyrical method (thank fucking christ), so Bailey’s vocals don’t get old! This band even reminds me a little of Soilwork, which rocks.

Another really good track on the EP is “The Man who Shot God,” which starts off with some seriously kick ass bass riffing. I think bands who showcase the bassist’s talent are few and far between, so I’m happy that a band like this does that. Not only do they give the guy his ray to shine, but I can hear him throughout the entire disk- very rare. Most bands will drown out the bass’s mid to high end to make way for guitars, leaving only the low end, so, if they’re actually doing anything of note, you can’t even hear it.  Not the case here and to me, that shows class.

Overall The New Mythology Vol. 1 is a pretty good disk, if a bit short. There’s a lot of good music coming out of Canada right now, and these guys are a prime example. I give this EP a 4 out of 5.

The New Mythology Vol. 1 drops February 17, 2018. Pick it up.

FFO: Hatebreed, Strapping Young Lad

1. Hex
2. Anti Life
3. We Want Blood
4. The Man Who Shot God
5. The Watcher

Andrew Bailey – vocals
JP Poulin – bass
Sean Parkinson – guitar
Julia Geaman – drums

Check out Revenger here:


Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on January 1, 2018