I pulled into this new venue a bit early just to be sure I’d get there in time. This big and might I say, pretty freaking nice, building was called Top Golf. Apparently they are pretty big and they just opened this one here in Nashville last fall. What makes this venue even better is that there is a big music stage and a whole music showroom connected to Top Golf. The doors opened just after 6pm and right as you walk in, there’s the bar with a list of future shows coming to this place. Looks like I will be coming back here on a regular basis. The space holds a max of 600 people and the lighting/production was pretty spot on from my point of view.

The show was on a Thursday, so I wasn’t shocked to see a good amount of people show up and show support for the bands tonight. I even recognized a few people who were on the Shiprocked Cruise with me! We do love our rock shows. One couple said they had driven from Ohio just to see the show tonight. I am so glad we still have people who will travel for the love of rock-n-roll.

The Dead Deads took the stage at 7pm and wasted no time playing their incredible set. A lot of us there had never seen them before, even though they are a local Nashville band (shame on us for never seeing them before). Frontwoman Meta Dead was bad ass. She was singing  and playing guitar; keeping the audience head banging and singing along. Of course it was hard to tear away from watching Daisy Dead on bass rocking a tight dress and boots! Very Stylish! I kept running from side to side during their set to capture all 4 members doing their thang. Great opening set.

Her. I had never seen Her before, but the name sounded familiar and a fellow photographer mentioned how good they were, so I was excited to see them for the first time. They have a beautiful front chick as well who was definitely a performer. Monique Staffile stole your sight and it was hard to tear away from her. Her motions and body language had you engaged! One of their songs, “Crush,” caught my attention. First, it was very catchy and sounded different than your typical music genre. Second, it was a bold song that shows two nuns getting in on in their music video.  Last but not least, third, it speaks the words that most of us are too afraid to say because of the judgement in this world. Check out this band and the video “Crush.”

The big moment for our headliners was upon us, it was 9pm and Red Sun Rising took the stage! Tonight was an even more special night for them because their new album Thread was about to be released at midnight. So in a way, this was their Album Eve Release Party! I was so excited for these guys. They have done so much in just a years time and now they are headlining their own tour! I remember I photographed them last year when they opened for 3 Doors Down and look at them now. They have 4 singles out and they are rockin hits!

They put on one hell of a performance tonight including a few new songs from their new album as well as songs that the audience knew and sang along with loudly! The frontman Mike Protich looked out at us and asked, “you guys know this one, right?? Well then sing along!” That was after we heard the beginning of the tune of “The Otherside.” The 1.5 hour set they played was awesome, a perfect fit for this Thursday night in downtown Nashville and just when the guys left the stage, we all knew better than to expect that it was over because we hadn’t heard “Emotionless.” So we were lucky enough to enjoy an encore from the RSR boys before we could call it a night and wait for midnight to arrive to grab our copy of Thread.

Check out our photo galleries of the bands below:
The Dead Deads
Red Sun Rising


Written by Jennifer Pinckney at Bloodrock Media on April 1, 2018