Red Moon Architect is releasing their new album, Return Of The Black Butterflies on May 19th courtesy of Inverse Records. A little background on this group – they are from Kouvola, a town in Finland known for being the ‘largest lighted cemetery’. So it makes perfect sense that a funeral doom metal band was born – their musical style appropriately representing where they originate from.
The first track, appropriately named “The Haunt”, will leave you feeling just that way – haunted. There are no lyrics to this track, just a haunting instrumental melody to start off the album. And then something surprising happens, the second track, “Tormented”, begins with slow riffs, slow drums, and then the growling vocals of Ville kick in – but they’re then joined by the feminine, beautiful vocals of Anni – creating a smooth and seamless transition between the two. “Return Of The Black Butterflies” starts off slower, helping build anticipation, until the crashing drums and hard riffs begin and you realize it’s about to be a wild ride. The low, rumbling vocals accompany softer vocals blended in the background. “End of Days” begins with an almost soothing, lullaby sound to it – until the drums resound, the bass joins in and the vocals begin, that is.
Red Moon Architect display their dynamic, diverse sound throughout Return Of The Black Butterflies. While this album is only six songs long, that is long enough for this group to present their talent – with their instruments, and their combination of exceedingly deep, masculine vocals and their feminine counterpart. They’ve mixed the growling of metal with a soft, dainty voice, which overall helps to enhance the obvious complexity of what they’ve accomplished with this album. If you’ve never listened to them before, this would definitely be an album to purchase to start your fandom. If you’re already a fan, you will love what Return Of The Black Butterflies and Red Moon Architect have in store for you this time.
  1. The Haunt
  2. Tormented
  3. Return Of The Black Butterflies
  4. Journey
  5. End of Days
  6. NDE
Saku Moilanen – Drums & Keyboard
Ville Rutanen – Vocals
Matias Moilanen – Guitar
Anni Viljanen – Vocals
Jukka Jauhiainen – Bass
Check out Red Moon Architect here:
Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on May 3, 2017
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