Self proclaimed Italian horror punk rockers Raging Dead, released their debut album, When the Night Falls, via Pavement Entertainment on May 26th.  Shortly after coming together in 2014 the foursome shared the stage with many international horror and  sleaze/glam artists, which garnered them a large following in their home country and across Europe.  Following in the footsteps of horror punk bands like The Misfits and old-school AFI, while drawing some inspiration from “glamcore” acts such as Eighteen Visions, Raging Dead unleashed a flurry of catchy, party punk rock that is packed to the gills with attitude and just enough creepy type shit to make the hair on your arms stand on end.

By definition punk rock is simplistic in nature and When the Night Falls  is a meat and potatoes punk rock album.  To be absolutely clear, When the Night Falls is like a medium rare filet and roasted heirloom potatoes; mouth watering, bloody, and delicious.  The quartet brings back 80’s era style party rock on tracks “Street of Rage” and “Scratch Me”; both tracks boasting nifty riffs and a nice beat which in turn create a catchiness that is infectious to say the least.  While track “Bloodlust” blends hardcore punk with classic heavy metal guitar shredding, showcasing the talent and versatility of these cats.  Raging Dead successfully combines elements of horror movies, black metal, punk rock, glam rock, and hardcore to create something totally worthy of a listen or twelve with When the Night Falls, so grab a copy, and make sure you listen with your lights on to minimize the risk of nightmares!

1.Streets of Rage
2.When the Night Falls
3.Within Shadow
4.Army of the Restless
7.Crimson Garden
8.Scratch Me
10.Ballad of the Storm

Cloud Shade – Vocals
Matt Void – Lead Guitar
Tracii Decadence – Drums
Simon Nightmare – Bass

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Bloodrock Rating:  3 out of 5 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on May 29, 2017