What do you get when you cross sick groove with industrial-esque heavy metal and drench it in badass sauce? You get the metal monsters of Denmark known as PSY: Code and their ripping new album MorkeSpanning genres ranging from melodeath to industrial to straight up hardcore, the last time an album did this so convincingly was when Fear Factory dropped Obsolete back in 1998. Mastering the balance of smooth Deftones style charisma and shattering skulls like an artillery shell, PSY: Code have crafted a truly must hear album.

The album opens up with the very fiery track “Leech”, coming out swinging for the fences with raw intensity in every guitar lick and every note sung. Following that the next couple of tracks are just as sick, laying into your soul with insanely heavy drums, distorted guitars that crunch just right and vocals akin to a rabid lion mixed with the charisma of a king cobra. I dare you to put on “Iskolde Onje” and not hit repeat a couple of times; the slickness of the vocals, the machinegun-like riffs – all of it just hits at the right moments for an instant metal classic to fire up the pit. The next track “Paralyzed” is switching things up, hitting more like “Cherry Waves” by Deftones or something similarly blending metal and trance music into something totally special. It’s pretty unique from most of the album aside from a chorus here and there, yet it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. “The Sky is Broken” hits like some of the slower tracks from bands like Static-X (R.I.P. Wayne) but doesn’t jock anyone else’s style; if anything the comparison comes to mind just to make you think “damn, how haven’t I heard of these guys before this???” “Mountains” is the next one up that’s truly blistering from start to finish, even with the ridiculous amounts of catchy groove throughout the track it never once lets up on the adrenaline. The album’s closer “The Strain” is nothing short of a wicked roller coaster ride, whipping you around with no regard one moment then coasting on some dope shit the next, giving you a speck of time to catch your breath before it right back to breaking necks.

Bottom line, your collection needs Morke. Metal is strong as fuck in 2017 and albums like this is exactly why. Take a second and think about the last album you bought that was legit strong as hell from start to finish with over a dozen songs? Yeah that’s what I thought. Improve your tunes and cop this album, you won’t regret it.

1 – Leech
2 – Ghost Of You
3 – Loosen The Tight
4 – Riven
5 – Iskolde Ojne
6 – Paralyzed
7 – The Sky Is Broken
8 – Introspective
9 – Mountains
10 – The Monument
11 – In The Sound
12 – Stay Disappear
13 – The Strain

Schou – Vocals
SteiN – Guitar
JezpR – Guitar
Dag – Bass
Gøtsche – Drums

4.5 outta 5 axes

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on 9/25/2017