Protosequence released their EP Schizophrene in January of 2016 – and we’re drawing attention to it now to promote their tour during which they will also be playing some new jams from their release which will be out later this year. If they’re coming to your area, be sure to check them out – say hi from me.

This EP, opening up with track “Pitiless”, will automatically draw you into an eruption of sound – crashing drums, heavy riffs, coupled with metal growling. This band doesn’t waste any time before showing you what they’re made of. “Guardian” launches into a range of growls, complimented by groove-filled guitars and rhythmic drum support. Also to note: the bass work in these songs is on point – you’ll want to air bass, and you should give in to that desire. “Darkness Weeps” starts with a slower riff, continuing to show the substance of the band as the song picks up and assails your ears with all things metal.

In just four songs, Protosequence manages to show the range of their talents – leaving you wanting more. The drums, the guitar work, the bass, and the vocals – all of these elements combine to create an album that is metal to the fullest. If you have the opportunity to see these guys in person, do it. If you don’t, pick up Schizophrene  and be on the lookout for their release later this year. We at Bloodrock Media are looking forward to hearing it. 

Cannabis Daggers
Darkness Weeps

Joseph Mckee – Vocals
Kyle Hunter – Guitar
Dylan Parker – Guitar, vocals
Logan Vars – Drums
Jacob Teeple – Bass

Check out Protosequence here:


Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on June 18, 2017


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